spring finally??

spring finally??

dogwood in snow.JPG  springsnowchickenwire.JPG  mockorangebycoop.JPG  mockorangeinsnow.JPG chickentrax.JPG neighbortruch.JPG  It was a lovely Spring weekend this weekend in NW Washington state.  So much for global warming!! April 19th, 20th, and 21st we woke with snow on the ground.  I do not think I have ever seen so much snow this late.  I told the kids I should play Christmas music, and the oldest said….”Dad, what are you talking about? It never snows on Christmas Day!”  He is right, we seldom get snow then!!!

  chicks in pen.JPG

Update on the chicks….they are getting adjusted to their new home okay….they even went into the coop on their own last night.  Gosh, they are growing up so fast, sniff, sniff…..


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