Actual quilting entry!!

Actual quilting entry!!

star and flower.jpg   I made these blocks for my class “The Parts Department” based from the book Collaborative Quilting. They are variations from parts in the book.  The big pink and black star came out much bigger than I imagined (18″ square), as I didn’t really do the math for the overall size…but I rather like it, and I think it will become the center for a mandala style quilt based from the parts department.  Pinks and blues (with a bunch of black and white), what do you think?  The flower? I am not sure but I think a row of three of these with a fairly simple border would make a nice bold wall hanging.

 beginnning of baby quilt.jpg  These 4 blocks are the beginning of a 49 block quilt for my wife’s cousin’s firstborn baby coming soon.   The parents are calm, very “planned-out” people, so I decided to stick to their chosen colors for the baby’s room in a very subdued, slightly planned, but not completely symmetrical quilt.   They will find out soon enough that babies really don’t fit every plan created by parents, and they are seldom “quiet”…..but that will be in due time.   I am excited to make this quilt, as it is back to my “original” palette of earthy, country colors. 

There have been so few entries in here this month, as my work and home have seemed to call me to other things. I wish I could tell you what they were, but I don’t really think I know.  The previous entry shows the chicken coop portion of the month, but it seems like there was more than that going on.  Probably it has just been emotions of the job situation.  Being caught in two worlds where I do not feel comfortable in either at present, but the family still needs to be fed and sheltered.  Pretty tough…..but I will hang onto the promises that God will always take care of me, and that He does love me and my family more than I could ever comprehend.

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  • Scott, it is really nice to see you doing some artwork again and posting photos. Please make more and show us all what is happening. Thanks! -Rich

    May 3, 2008 at 10:45 am

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