My Favorite Tools

These are some of my favorite quilting tools, notions, rulers, blah, blah, blah.

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But First and Foremost

If you can get these at your local Quilt Shop  — PLEASE get them there! Small businesses like mine need to support each other. So please, please, please shop Locally!

Whenever I need 60° angles cut, this is my Go-To Triangle. Always. Every. Time.

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I never thought I would “love” a seam ripper. But then I found this one by Clover. I just am in awe of how perfectly it sits in my hand and how clean is slices!

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Even though I love my vintage pincushions, I could drop pins onto this magical Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder all day long. I love how it flips the pins out the edges — simply mesmerizing!!

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