Green, green, verdant green

Green, green, verdant green

This is definitely the color of the month around this corner of Western Washington state.   I have no pictures at the moment, but hopefully will soon.  The month of April flew by, and I simply don’t know where it went.  I had a student of mine give me EQ5 so I am really excited to start using it to plan more and more quilt patterns.  The capability is there, now I just have to get to it. 

This morning my daughter announced to us that she knew I was the tooth fairy because she lost a tooth and didn’t tell us, put it under her pillow, and lo and behold there was still a tooth there this morning.  I was bummed, as I enjoyed the child-like joy of the whole tooth-fairy gig, and was relieved when my wife informed Mimi that it was up to the parents to report the lost tooth to the tooth fairy’s retreival department.  I am quite sure my daughter didn’t buy that, but I sure liked it.  I mentioned that I thought the information was going via tmail these days…..I crack myself up…..  anyway, my little girl is growing up too fast….

and my oldest boy is too!!  He starts driver’s ed in a month.  That is scarey!!!!  In six years, they will all be of driving age or older.  The oldest will be 21!!!!  What a shock it seems to be.  Feels like yesterday when all 5 of us could sit on the sofa and cosily read a story together.   Those days are long behind us, along with eyebrows on my face that you can actually see…..

Hope to show some more pictures on the next post…..and more posts this month!!!

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