Scott is the Mad Color Scientist at Blue Nickel Studios which he runs from his rural home in the Pacific Northwest, smack dab between the Cascade Mountains and the suburbs of Seattle. He has been quilting for more than half of his life now, and doesn’t see fit to change that any time soon. Mostly self-taught, Scott has found his bliss in the needle and cloth and the glorious combinations of color in this medium. He has designed and created quilts for many fabric manufacturing companies and has had many other quilt designs featured in many leading quilt magazines. He speaks and teaches locally and regionally, sharing his designs and color philosophies. He graduated from Washington State University with honors in English, but quilting and textiles have become his passion.

Throughout the years, Scott’s aesthetic has continued to evolve from very country, traditional roots into a more modern contemporary design into what he has dubbed under the Blue Nickel Label as “Urban Folk — Modern Design.”

Scott is thrilled to have taught at Quilters’ Affair program that is part of the world famous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon for five summers now. He is game to keep teaching there every summer that he is able. He spends quite a bit of time working at Costco to keep a bit of steady cash flow. You can follow him on Instagram as well here. He’s there most often. He would be most grateful to have you follow him on Instagram as well as on his Facebook page. Doing so keeps in the good graces with his sponsors and affiliates.

Scott also served on the staff of Generation Q Magazine as Community Editor from 2011 to 2015. Now  he does occasional design work with them. Generation Q is a quilting lifestyle magazine that it full of content and modern projects….and not very many ads! And it is a small compact size which is perfect for throwing in a bag for on-the-go reading!

In his spare time, he tries to maintain his sanity along with the house he built and acreage he thinks can still be the park he envisioned 20+ years ago. He is married to his wife of 25+ years, Linda, a talented mixed-media/doll-loving artist herself, and they have three young adult children, who give them all sorts of joy and challenges as they are stretching their wings leaving the nest. He loves God, his family, trees, architecture, gardens, color, cats, vintage and modern textiles, art, pattern, meeting new people, design, Christmas, books, the color red, fashion history, his curly mustache (when it’s in season), and a great many other marvelous people, ideas, places, and things.