Tie One On

Tie One On is my first line of modern batiks with Banyan Batiks. The designs in this line were loosely inspired  by mid 20th century mens’ neckwear.

These designs started landing in independent quilt shops in October 2018.  Be sure to check the Banyan Batiks Product Finder here to see who ordered this line.  You can also check my stockist list here as well. But the Product Finder lets you know the specific sku’s each place ordered. It’s pretty cool.

Manhattan Colorway

Nashville Colorway

Ventura Colorway

Dot Code in Tie One On!

Sedona Colorway

Pattern Coming Soon!

Looking Good in Tie One On!

Barbell Bob tjap >>

Rocket Town tjap >>

Woven Wave >>

Foulard Fade and Foulard Fade with Space >>

Dot Code tjap >>


Thistle Fields >>

Pick Nick >>

Foularde Fade with Space >>

Flight Plan >>

Stardust Hotel >>