sometimes you feel like a nut

sometimes you feel like a nut

You know, I have no idea why that jingle from my childhood just popped in my head!!!!  Anyway there you have a little stream of consciousness in a very random thought!!  I have not been bloggin on here much at all due to the finishing up of my Real Estate Studies.  I just finished the coursework last night, and now I am getting ready to CRAM for the final State Exam.  Real Estate Agents have to know a lot…well they should if they are going to do it right.   I think that there are a lot of mediocre ones out there that give the whole group a bad rap.  I hope I can help counteract that bad reputation.  I think I mentioned Red White and Blue earlier….here are some mini-projects that have come up…

scrappy RWB stars.jpg   These stars are part of a swap that I am doing in an online group that I belong to (QuiltGuy in the Yahoo groups…)  

Here is a closeup…    Scrappy stars RWB2.jpg

 And here are some Patriotic chickens for a friend….chickens for a friend.jpg

these chickens are based on the chickens my friends Mary and Connie at Country Threads are always making up…..I love the look of these chickens…I am thinking of doing a really big quilt with lots and lots and lots of these little chickens in REALLY bright colors….

Probably should have put those photos on the project page, but I wanted some color here…Really have too many projects going on at once …..what else is new….I really need to finish my friend John’s quilt for his wife…I have owed it to him for quite some time…

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