today’s colors!

today’s colors!

two posts in one day….you’d think I have a ton of time…no, but I must be on a roll…this morning I realized that the lilacs have been blooming for awhile (actually every else’s, not ours for some reason…really bad crop at our house this year)…and it is May in Western Washington which means Rhododendren season!!!  Bright deep reds, oranges, pinks, blushes of every type, and whites….also the cerise of the “red” dogwoods…seedlings are coming up in the pots I planted for summer color….cosmos, nastursiums, wildflowers, and a purple daylily that I waiting to see how strong a drugstore bought daylily root can be….




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  • Colors, hmmmmmmm. How about the real vibrant colors of the dandelions (did I spell that right???) in the yard??? And I just adore the green of the first seeds that pop out of the rich brown soil in my veggie garden. But what I love the best this time of year is the smells, I can smell the lilacs of course but what about the fruit trees and there is a mysterious smell when I go into my bible study that is soooo lovely but I can’t for the life of me find it source, is it the blueberries by the door?

    May 10, 2007 at 2:28 am

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