The colors are burgeoning

The colors are burgeoning

This week’s colors are becoming too numerous to single out…although living here in Western Washington, Green still reigns supreme in the color kingdom!!  Lots of rhododendrons in a myriad of colors!  Other May flowers are popping out too.

The picture below I staged of a mock orange blossom on 3 rugosa petals on a picnic table I painted with some hand-mixed paint…I love that green paint, and don’t know if anything will ever quite match it!!   

  mock orange and rugosa petals.JPG   

This next picture is of a beautiful orange flower I don’t even know the name of…Linda says it’s a weed, but I think it is from wildflower seeds I threw there last year that didn’t do anything…I hope it re-seeds itself, I think it is delightfully cheery!!

  orange flower.JPG

And our lower brush land is full of blooming wild roses too…along with white cottonwood fluff that looks often like snow!!

Check out some of my new (and Old) projects on the project page and let me know what you think….have a Glorious Colorful Day!!

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