Watch It Wednesday!

November 30th, 2011

trust me this video by Mika will have you dancing in seconds…...

what I so love about this video besides the dancability of it all is that he is really making the point that EVERYONE is beautiful…no matter what size you are, especially no matter what the fashion industry dictates….

So be beautiful out there….and be sure to dance to the songs of life….all  of them!!

“Diet Coke and a Pizza please…”



Watch It Wednesday (Thursday Edition) Steampunk Surprise!!

November 17th, 2011

Yesterday was Wednesday, but if you stopped by, you saw that Wednesday’s usually scheduled program was pre-empted by my time with the peeps at Fat Quarter Shop…..

So today you get a special version….not just a cool video with a very unique feel, but a whole lotta pics afterwards of the Steamcon Linda and I went to a few weeks ago.

The video is from Abney Park, a NW Band that is deeply entrenched in the Steampunk alternate universe.  The video is a superb vision of  Steampunkery….and thankfully not plastered with gears and goggles…..(a running topic of conversation in the community)

And here are a BUNCH of pix from our weekend in October.


This is how to wear a Utilikilt and use up old neckties at SteamCon.


And it is all about the hats, isn’t it truly?

And for this guy, it’s all about the contacts….aren’t his eyes incredible…We talked to him, and he said they can get pretty uncomfortable after awhile… but the effect is so cool, yes?


Pretty Amazing Creativity at that convention huh? And I actually have a lot more to share…so you may be getting Steampunk Two in December!!




Watch It Wednesday!

November 9th, 2011

Today’s Watch It Wednesday brings the mix of  a 50’s Sha Na Na look with Mary Poppins and Singing in the Rain.....all in one video.  What a combination, huh? That’s partly why I liked it so much!  The guys from Panic at the Disco! have another hit with me in this video “Ready To Go” .....Check it out!

Watch It Wednesday! Double Feature….

November 2nd, 2011

To be honest, I don’t even think I had heard this Madonna song until Glee did it last year, and now I just love it, but I think I like the Glee version better.  I am amazed at how well they followed the original (of course I had to go hunt down the original to see how close Glee got it….they pretty much nailed on most counts).

Wow! I just got this set up to play last week and it was fine…now I  can’t even find a version to replace it for you…sorry gang!

and here is Madonna’s. I couldn’t get the embed function to work, probably some copyright rule or something, so you have to click the link.   Madonna’s is definitely more polished and has more details of course.  And Glee skipped the French Maid bits….but they are pretty close.

So that’s today’s Watch It Wednesday.  I don’t feel very “talky” this week  (weird, I know, but a lot is going on here on the Blue Nickel stage, and I have been really introspective as well as busy lately)  I am feeling rather blue at the moment,  but don’t worry,  I’ll be fine.  God always has my back even if I don’t know it, and I am good with that!   Now on to schedule next week’s Watch It Wednesday…..oh and get some sewing done!!



Watch It Wednesday: Double Feature!!

October 26th, 2011

So how’s your Halloween costume coming?  Here are some great costume ideas!

Today’s WIW videos (yup, 2 videos,  Double Feature Bonus Day!!) features the incredibly funny and Uber-talented cast of the Online show The Guild.   Funny show,   a little potty mouthed at times, but very funny show about Gamers and yes, that is a demographic in our world these days…

and you can tell Gamers have their own language….I don’t understanding half of what they are saying…but SO FUNNY!!







Watch It Wednesday #5

September 28th, 2011

Okay this is anything but common as last WIW was ….  I found this video via this amazing couple....   Autumn Story…

It is so nice and calming and  oh I don’t know…just incredible.  I am pretty sure the Jo, the wife of this team, did all the drawings, and I think Dylan, the husband of the team, did the music.  I find the music very soothing and the images incredible.  And at the end of the video there is a revelation that makes sense, but also surprised me….

A lot of work went into this, huh?  I really never get tired of watching it…..but I do need to get going so I will leave it to you to watch for me….Why it doesn’t have over a million views, I really don’t know!!

And NEXT week, hold on to your hats, we are going to switch it up big time.  Next week, we have a much harder Rock piece that comes from a musician that I actually have met and have been getting to know a bit by email this summer with some other news as well.  So see you next Wednesday for a Deluxe Edition of WIW!

Wow!!  Next week is a FULL one here at the Blue Nickel as I also happened to get two days of  two book blog tours scheduled for that week AND  Uberfest starts this Saturday!....

Watch It Wednesday #4

September 21st, 2011

Okay….so again this video takes a different turn…and yeah it’s to a genre I rarely frequent…RARELY…..”country”.

So I do  love living in the country, but I really do not like country music…and I have to admit that this song is WAY overplayed everywhere…but ….I like it…and it usually makes me cry….I told you at at the beginning of WIW these weren’t all dance numbers, right?

To me the line “We’ve got bills to pay….we’ve got nothing figured out” ....pretty much describes my life now and back when we were the age of the couple portrayed in the video….and we’ve had one time somewhat like the fight scene too…so yeah this song though overplayed tremendously really speaks to me deep inside…

So enjoy….next week we’ll get something boppin again for you….but not sung by little kids….


And remember….this most likely will be the only “country” song you will hear here for quite some time,  so don’t be afraid to come back next Wednesday, okay?

Watch It Wednesday #2

September 7th, 2011

Welcome to Watch It Wednesday #2!! glad so many of you liked the first Watch It Wednesday (should I call it WIW for short?)  I should add that although I mentioned MTV and the 80’s as a base for my addiction affection for music videos…..all of the WIW videos are NOT from the 80’s….most are from more current times…I think they have only gotten better with time as our technology has improved..  Last week’s was new this year I think, and this one is from a few years back…

Today’s video is on my fav list for a couple reasons.  First, it is by my Favorite Band of all time, Jars of Clay!  One of them has even sent me a Tweet…here’s how that happened….I was on Twitter...chatting away….and all of the sudden I see that my friend Alexia is tweeting to Steve from Jars about the great cake they shared that night! She’s good friends with the Lead Guitarist, Steve Mason (he’s the one in the darker blue shirt)  from the group…

Anyway….my favorite part of this whole video really is right at the beginning… carefully at 0:52 and you will see what still wows me…..I know simple pleasures for the simple minded…I know, I know….

so Enjoy some Good Monsters…..

and come on back next week….Something totally different…..cause that’s just how I roll…


309: Watch It Wednesday #1

August 31st, 2011

okay….I just figured out that I could schedule posts here at the Blue Nickel….I know, brilliant, huh?  This is what happens when pretty much everything you do is self taught…..

So ANYWAY… order to justify my overindulgent trolling of music videos, I have decided to share my very favorites  with you every Wednesday.  I know this blog has become mostly about my textile endeavors, but it is still my personal blog, and music is probably just as deeply embedded in my heart as is the love of the cloth…add in years of watching TV (only on 3 channels mind you) as a child and Music Videos are pretty much a natural…

and where does the scheduling piece come in? Oh, that’s because I plan on getting these posts pre-written so they just pop up every Wednesday automatically even if  I don’t have time….which means I could probably fill up the rest of this year and next this weekend…..yes, that’s how bad of a troller I can be at times…

Yes, YouTube was made for people like me who remember when MTV was just music videos…and 15,237,783 other types of people or so….

Some may make you cry,  many will make you laugh,  most will make you dance, and some I like not only for the music, but also for the fascinating videography (And if videography wasn’t a word before, it is now,  I just made it one—benefits of being an English Major)......and some will be a flashback to remind some of us just how  radical and tubular  silly the 80’s were…..

My first video pick is The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic at the Disco.  I have no idea what the video is “about” really, and normally that is pretty important to me,   but I really like the sound that these guys produce, and the steampunkery of the set and costumes totally wow me!!  To be totally honest,  I had heard the name of the band years ago, but I had never heard their music….I think I thought they were a punk rock band, and I would say they are more pop than I thought…although I don’t think “pop” really describes them either.  So without further adieu, enjoy…....

So what do you think??  Let me know in a comment….and come back next Wednesday for another Blue Nickel Watch It Wednesday…..


233: Swap meet….

July 1st, 2010

So I have been doing the Doll Quilt Swap for about 5 rounds now….this could be my last as the rules have strictly said if you are late on this one…You’re out on the next one….

and yes, I think they made that rule because of me…..I don’t think I was on time sending on any of them…I did great quilts, and my swap buddies TOLD me they loved them…but I was a bad swapper in regards to timeliness….I have til the first of September to get this baby done….I think I can do it…

The above picture are some fabric who have come to interview for the position in the quilt….the books are for inspiration….I get inspired by these two books a LOT….

Here is my sketch and some more fabrics….       The butterfly fabric is from Australia….and I do love it…my swap buddy loves purple and autumn and modern quilts….so I think somewhere in this we will find a good one, yes??
I also just sent out a bunch of these  for the Siggy Swap set up by the fabulous Julie Herman!! 

Here are mine in the process.

Here they are waiting for their white middles….     I had to go specially buy it…I don’t just have plain white hanging around here..

and here with their mid-drifts…  

I did this swap just cause I thought it would be fun to have all these signatures from all these folks across the globe, in really modern fabrics, and just to have a simple quilt that is just for me to throw over when it gets chilly…..kinda like its been here in the NW this summer….seriously….my neighbor has a fire going tonight…on the first of July!!

so that’s it for today….
then the upcoming news….

I have some quilts coming out in magazines again…about 4 this late summer and fall I think…as they get published I will let you know… I also have some more free patterns to post here, I just have to get my butt in gear and do it..I’ll let you know….

and this fall?? I hope to be getting some patterns available for sale at your local quilt shop or on some online shops….ok, it may be next spring…we’ll just see how that goes, okay?  One day at a time, right??

And if you ever want to have me come share my quilts and stories at your local guild, just let me know…I love to talk about this stuff ….just ask my wife and kids!!  I am a pretty cheap deal for the moment….until I hit it big-time...

And yes….. I did just put that last link in there….   I love the 80’s…’re welcome….  

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