Watch It Wednesday #4

Watch It Wednesday #4

Okay….so again this video takes a different turn…and yeah it’s to a genre I rarely frequent…RARELY…..”country”.

So I do  love living in the country, but I really do not like country music…and I have to admit that this song is WAY overplayed everywhere…but ….I like it…and it usually makes me cry….I told you at at the beginning of WIW these weren’t all dance numbers, right?

To me the line “We’ve got bills to pay….we’ve got nothing figured out” ….pretty much describes my life now and back when we were the age of the couple portrayed in the video….and we’ve had one time somewhat like the fight scene too…so yeah this song though overplayed tremendously really speaks to me deep inside…

So enjoy….next week we’ll get something boppin again for you….but not sung by little kids….


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And remember….this most likely will be the only “country” song you will hear here for quite some time,  so don’t be afraid to come back next Wednesday, okay?

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  • Tabitha O.


    I am not a country fan in any way shape or form but I really like Taylor Swift in her person as well as her music so thanks for this one! Can’t wait to see what you post next week!

    I know, right? and Next week’s is awesome…not dance number, but SOOO creative….

    September 21, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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