Watch It Wednesday! Double Feature….

Watch It Wednesday! Double Feature….

To be honest, I don’t even think I had heard this Madonna song until Glee did it last year, and now I just love it, but I think I like the Glee version better.  I am amazed at how well they followed the original (of course I had to go hunt down the original to see how close Glee got it….they pretty much nailed on most counts).

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Wow! I just got this set up to play last week and it was fine…now I  can’t even find a version to replace it for you…sorry gang!

and here is Madonna’s. I couldn’t get the embed function to work, probably some copyright rule or something, so you have to click the link.   Madonna’s is definitely more polished and has more details of course.  And Glee skipped the French Maid bits….but they are pretty close.

So that’s today’s Watch It Wednesday.  I don’t feel very “talky” this week  (weird, I know, but a lot is going on here on the Blue Nickel stage, and I have been really introspective as well as busy lately)  I am feeling rather blue at the moment,  but don’t worry,  I’ll be fine.  God always has my back even if I don’t know it, and I am good with that!   Now on to schedule next week’s Watch It Wednesday…..oh and get some sewing done!!



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