Watch It Wednesday (Thursday Edition) Steampunk Surprise!!

Watch It Wednesday (Thursday Edition) Steampunk Surprise!!

Yesterday was Wednesday, but if you stopped by, you saw that Wednesday’s usually scheduled program was pre-empted by my time with the peeps at Fat Quarter Shop…..

So today you get a special version….not just a cool video with a very unique feel, but a whole lotta pics afterwards of the Steamcon Linda and I went to a few weeks ago.

The video is from Abney Park, a NW Band that is deeply entrenched in the Steampunk alternate universe.  The video is a superb vision of  Steampunkery….and thankfully not plastered with gears and goggles…..(a running topic of conversation in the community)

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And here are a BUNCH of pix from our weekend in October.


This is how to wear a Utilikilt and use up old neckties at SteamCon.


And it is all about the hats, isn’t it truly?

And for this guy, it’s all about the contacts….aren’t his eyes incredible…We talked to him, and he said they can get pretty uncomfortable after awhile… but the effect is so cool, yes?


Pretty Amazing Creativity at that convention huh? And I actually have a lot more to share…so you may be getting Steampunk Two in December!!




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