Let’s Be Real Studio Tour

Let’s Be Real Studio Tour

So my friend Terry Atkinson and Gudrun Erla called a whole bunch of creative people together to take “surprise” visits of their studios, your truly included.  And well, I am pretty sure I have mentioned that my studio is in serious upheaval as we prepare to sell our house and then eventually look for another. We have a LOT to do here to get this house ready for another family and so we have peeling back the layers and trying to divest of extraneous ‘stuff’ which is pretty difficult in this CoVid thing we are all going trough (can’t have a moving sale, can’t drop stuff off at Goodwill, etc) That is just us here at Blue Nickel Studios.

Here is my video of my tour. Poorly shot and very real life….think Cloverfield and not Sound of Music or Lord of the Rings. 😀  You wouldn’t know my best friend Rob Appell is a McGyver genius at filming in his studio!  

Here is one version of the tour on my Instagram feed. And Actually there are TWO versions on Instagram because I was fighting all morning trying to get THIS tour loaded and when I walked away in frustation BOTH Video Tours loaded….. hahahah.. So now you have two variations of the same disasters to view! 

Here are some still shots of the studio. Oh boy!

Sewing Station Nest area…. I know, I know.


But you CAN see the floor still…


Blue Nickel Studios – where every day is Boxing Days these days….



these empty racks to the right are old Leggs Racks… remember those? They were free and useful, but they are not very attractive.


Stacks and stacks of stuff to be boxed up.


MORE stacks……


So yeah, that’s what is going on here. I have big dreams for a new studio and after about 15 years in this studio growing and changing and learning how I work best and not so well, I am excited for a new space. Eventually. I am giving myself a year to get settled in a new space and even then if we have to remodel it may be longer than that.

Enough about my mess for now. 
Come along and see the studios from  my far more tidy and less up-turned friends and their studio tours! And most of these are WAY more tidy and professional…. 

Terry AtkinsonAtkinson Designs | Facebook | Instagram
Gudrun ErlaGE Quilt Designs | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Annie Unrein By Annie | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Celine Perkins Perkins Dry Goods | Facebook | Instagram
Deanne Eisenman Snuggles Quilts | Facebook
Debby Ritenbaugh Brown Debbie Brown Quilts | Facebook | Instagram
Katy Cameron The Littlest Thistle | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Nancy Scott | Master Piece Quilting by Nancy Scott | Facebook | Instagram
Pat A Sloan | Pat Sloan Voice of Quilting | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Shari Butler Doohikey DesignsFacebook | Instagram | YouTube
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Scott Hansen (You Are Here) | Blue Nickel Studios | Facebook | Instagram | Blog 
Lynn Carson Harris Lynn Carson Harris Blog | Facebook | Instagram
Shelley Lynne Pederson Robson The Quilted Forest | YouTube
Lee Chappell Monroe May Chappell | Instagram | Facebook
Bonnie K Hunter | Quilt Ville | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Kathy Southern Studio Kat Designs | Facebook | Instagram
Hellen Stubbings | Hugs N Kisses | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

I have got more posts planned peeps…I just don’t know when they will get posted. I have some great blog interviews lined up and a Mini Mystery online project I want to share with y’all.  This moving and packing and Still plugging away at the day job here at home in midst of all this current world order madness has me a bit frazzled at times to say the least. So I sure appreciate your patience and forgiveness for anything that slips through the cracks of the Blue Nickel.  🙂

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy, Keep Safe,



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