Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom

Welcome to Kristen Balouch’s Enchanted Kingdom! I have been sitting with this fat quarter bundle for awhile trying to think what bigger project that I wanted to do with it.  I started playing with it awhile ago here, but I got distracted for a bit. But this last week I unearthed it in the studio and came up with a plan of sorts. 

I had never heard of Kristen before this bundle, but loved this line when I saw it. Just different and quirky enough to bring an interesting mix to my curated collection of fabric!  Check out Kristen’s Portfolio here! Pretty fun folk art there!

A couple of different styles of Bunnies live in this Enchanted Kingdom:


Along with some very happy looking Ducks, Zebras, Stags, Elephants, Lions, and Tigers.



And birds and flowers and mushrooms…..

There is even a Unicorn and, hidden on the edge of the heart below, a Dragon. I imagine this is where the “enchanted”  part of this kingdom comes in.

So here’s what I have been doing with this line.

I just started making one each size of these hearts designed by Allison Harris

They are fun and easy to make up. They go together in a Jiffy! 

So far the blocks and scraps are getting arranged as below, but that is not permanent by any means. The overall size and layout will be similar to this I think.
I may either add more yellow and green, but time shall tell.  The backgrounds so far are a mix of solids and  batiks, but I reserve the right to add other prints as I play.

I will fill in these gaps with bits from the line and more fabric to make a small wall-hanging or tabletop quilt.  Eventually, I will get it posted on my Instagram feed, so follow me there or my Facebook page.  The finished pix will end up in both places.

And just so you know at the time of this posting, I have two Fat Quarter Bundles of Enchanted Kingdom for you to buy in my shop here. Get them while they last!  😉 

That’s a wrap on this post, folks. I am working on some more Meet and Greet posts and Mini Mystery post that I am looking forward to sharing with y’all!

Talk to you soon.

Keep Safe, Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,


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