– Kaffe Fassett Fall Collection – 2017

Kaffe Fassett Fabric

– Kaffe Fassett Fall Collection – 2017

I always Love Kaffe Fassett‘s designs – of course this includes Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs as part of the Kaffe Fassett Collection Team!

You may not know this, but before I discovered Kaffe Fassett’s work in textile design, most of my quilts were pretty  “Muddy.” Linda used to say that my favorite color was “brown plaid” and she still jokes that all the fabric that I used to work with that had little crows on many of the prints. For the record it didn’t ALL have crows on it.

I have always liked Victorian styles though and those darker country colors blended in with that look, but when I discovered Kaffe’s fabrics, I opened up to brighter colors along WITH those rich colors. Because he has both! That was probably 15 years ago or so now, maybe longer.

artist unsewn patchwork quilt

The world of options for pattern and color in quilting fabric has exploded since then that is for sure. My palette expanded right along with it. Now I am almost always working with brighter colors. I do mix prints just like I used to when I worked in the colors of the prairies –  now everything is just bolder, and I have learned to try to give more space to some less bold to rest the eye just a bit before going on to the next wave of pattern and color!

The fabrics in this post are the New Fall Collection from the guys in the Collective…SO much pattern and color in just one bundle of fat quarters….exactly how I like it!

Patchwork quilt

I of course had to make Bags and Trees this round with these gorgeous colors.

treat totes party favors

I am in the process of making a whole new Painted Forest Quilt in ALL Free Spirit fabrics. It is going to be VERY Painted Forest, won’t it!?

Kaffe Fassett Fabric

I was excited to make an ALL RED tree!

Kaffe Fassett Fall Collection -- Painted Forest Quilt Blue Nickel Studios

artist unsewn

And these treat totes designed by Monica are my favorite non quilty thing to make (as you know if you frequent here enough).

patchwork party favors

I don’t remember if I ever made these tote bags in Kaffe Fassett fabrics before. They sure are cool in these rich vibrant colors!

kaffe fassett party favor bags treat bags

That’s it for today’s little fabric playtime.  I have MORE to go play with …..mwhahahaha….

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,


BONUS!!!  I was just tootling around the internet — as one does — and I  found this on Kaffe’s Site! This is not this year’s obviously but Christmas is coming people! Woo hoo!!



  • Jan


    I just love this painted tree pattern that you have here, plus the fabrics that you use are sensational. Where can one find this pattern please?

    September 15, 2017 at 5:08 pm
    • Sure Jan! Just go to my shop tab here on the website and you can buy a downloadable PDF through my Etsy Shop. Easy Peasy!

      September 19, 2017 at 6:34 pm

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