Quilty Box Again….

Quilty Box Again….

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It is SOOOO nice getting a Quilty Box every month! The August box that I opened on Instagram here was chock full of the good stuff I am showing you in still life photos that follow….

This box had some mega cool stuff….. I know…. I always say that…..only because it is true, I swear!

I am really looking forward to playing with these Kurumi Buttons – they are in the box for a pattern in the little Quilty Box Zine you get in the box, but I will likely just use them to play for something else – Who knows what!?  They look to be a simple but intriguing process.  And the packet of Soak is always useful stuff.

And throughout these photographs, you will see a scrumptious pumpkin-y assortment of those luscious Indah Batiks from Aaron Hoffman at Me + You and Hoffman Fabrics.
Aaron’s Batiks are my kind of “solid” and “batik”!   And these fat quarters are screaming to be made into a pumpkin quilt, right?  Hmmmm…. Maybe those little Kurumi buttons will become mini pumpkins……??

These water soluble pencils by Clover are always handy to have around.   Hopefully I won’t lose them when I need them! Hahaha!

This Add-A-Quarter + ruler I admit I haven’t had a chance to look at closely, but supposedly it is great for paper piecing and I have a bunch of that to do soon!

modern male quilter

Yup, I was pretty pleased with August’s Box. The little “Zine” in the box has some interesting articles on the curator of the box – Susan-Claire Mayfield – currently from New Zealand (including two patterns) and the process of making Indah Batiks as well as thread expiration and changing machine needles.  There is also a spotlight on subscriber Heidi Williams.

It is already September and time is running out to order your September Quilty Box. Or to start your subscription with it. The Sneak peak info says there will be cool stuff curated by Jera Brandvig from right near me in Seattle, Washington in this month’s box!

That’s it for today!


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  • carolejm


    Fun! I love my Add A Quarter ruler, and yes it does really help with paper piecing. Enjoy.

    September 3, 2017 at 5:10 pm

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