192: A little filler please…

192: A little filler please…

Okay, so I already admit this right out of the gate….I am feeling “strange” right at this moment…and the feeling is called “strange” cause I don’t exactly know what to call it….seems like boredom, but I have PLENTY to do… seems like frustration with my kids, but I just got a break from them, and really they are very good kids….seems like I am sad I am not at Quilt Market with my recently made industry buds, but I will hopefully be going to Spring Quilt Market, and really I don’t have any GOOD reason to be in Houston now anyway….seems like a lot of things, but I can’t pin it down…

and why am I feeling this way??  …..could be because I am on vacation still and was up at 4:30 AM, could be because I only have a few days left to going back to my Workville job (which is my newly created word for it here, I don’t want to use the real name of where I work for some privacy issues….it is legitimate work though, just kinda, well….boring)…aww, who really cares why anyway….I know I will snap out of this…maybe what I need is to just get away from the computer…sometimes I think I am way to “plugged in” you know what I mean??

But before I go try to work on something creative (which I think will help the blue funk feeling dissipate) I will drop in a few pictures lingering here on my desktop…and I still promise to give you more of my Market quilts in the next couple entries..this is just a “filler” entry…

block blue nickel  was playing with blocks..this may become a new banner for the site or a business card or something…it was just fun…

These two quilts are presently hanging in the stairwell to our studio….the one on the left may be hanging up in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum this next spring if I get my entry in soon enough…  in the hall 

and just so you know what vacation souvenirs can be like with the Hansens….here is a broken toy soldier or something we found last Spring at the ocean…and brought home to clean up…typical hansen souvenir from beach! this happens when your wife is a doll maker, and you personally like funky bits….he is cleaned up now, but we need to either find a head or make a head for him…and maybe give him something more to wear…the autumn winds are blowing outside this morning….and they are coming from the East, so that really means Old Man Winter is on his way now.

linda at the grill and here is the love of my life….who always makes me smile…from this summer….see how brown the grass is…it’s green again now..

And this maybe just what I need to do…..  to pause quote  pausing a bit, while the good stuff cathes up….

Oh, and you really need to check out my friend Mark Lipinski’s newest line of fabric Winter’s Grace….I think this really is his best one yet….Way to go Mark!!

Wow, the wind and rain have really picked up out there…this last week has been a wonderful Indian Summer ….I think Autumn may be coming back today…Maybe she took a brief rest just for my vacation….how thoughtful…

Later my friends…


  • Love that quilt, Scott!

    I hear you on the funk. Losing myself in “the zone” of creating something usually helps a lot. Hang in there!

    October 10, 2009 at 6:41 am
  • Oh gosh. I have been in one for longer than I care to admit. But yes, creating is definitely the way to go to feel better!

    October 10, 2009 at 8:26 am
  • Jeanette


    I was surprised on our last trip to the Oregon Coast to see so many quilt shops. I was only able to stop in one in Wheeler while my hubby got coffee but they had some wonderful fabrics. LOVE Mark Lipinski’s wood cut looking birds.
    Welcome home.

    October 11, 2009 at 10:32 am

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