191: Quilt Market Presence — pt 1

191: Quilt Market Presence — pt 1

So hope you all are here still, I haven’t posted much lately, and I hope to make up for that a bit in October this year!!

Thanks for all the comments on the virtual tour of the studio.  If you missed the tour go here for the link to watch and don’t forget to comment so you can be signed up for the giveaway.  

And now on with today’s show.  This is part one of a 3 or 4 part series (I haven’t decided yet) …and it features a one of Anna Maria Horner’s new lines…yes one of ….I think she only has two coming out at once, but I could be wrong.

This line is called Folksy Flannels, and when the folks at Free Spirit asked me to do it, I was a bit hesitant, because I haven’ t really liked working with flannel in the past, but this was a dream to work with. It was so smooth and soft, it seems to be a better quality flannel than I have used in the past. So with out further ado, here is the process of my quilt Flannel Floribunda…the pattern should be available free on Free Spirit’s site in a few weeks…Unless Anna Maria gives them her own pattern (which is what happened last time)….

folksy blues  folksy flannel mostly pink  more folksy flannel 

the new cutting table that you can actually see part of!!cutting up 


trying out pattern mixes….fabric tryouts

first block starting   first block on the sofa  second block 

and here is the top on our kitchen floor….I don’t think I got a picture of it quilted and bound, but I might have, so if I can unearth that I will share it in a later post …folksy flannel quilt 

And here is my unfinished project that I was going to try to surprised Anna Maria with for her booth at Market, but it didn’t happen…so I will finish and send them to her later…maybe she will like them for her blog or marketing..I will post if I do actually get them finished…the best laid plans don’t always come out…best laid plans

So that is PART of why I haven’t posted for awhile…Either Later today or tomorrow I will post part 2 of my “Quilt Market Presence”  A ton of my Quilt Industry buddies are down in Houston right now having a great time…so I need to console myself with some sewing and Oatmeal Scotchies

I also have a bunch of pictures to download from Linda’s and my 20th anniversary trip (sans kids) to the Oregon Coast.  (and why, yes, we did stop at a couple quilt shops…why do you ask??   🙂 )

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