193: Guest Blogger….my girl Mimi…

193: Guest Blogger….my girl Mimi…

Hey there, I have had these pictures loaded for awhile for my daughter Mimi to bring you an entry about her Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs)  You can tell these pics are old, cause well ….there are crocuses in the photos….just another shameless attempt on my part to get the number of entries in the blog up to snuff for October to make up for the sad showing in September.  You know us guys…all about the numbers…

Anyway here she is …….my Mimi!

  Lily 1 

Hey, it’s me Mimi! Really my real name is Amelia , but everyone calls me Mimi. Enough about me I’m just here to talk about the pictures.

The sweet girl with black hair is Rose, and the one with blonde hair is NekoMimi (see why I bought it?). NekoMimi translated is “Cat Girl” but NekoMimi is much more catchier! I got Rose  for Christmas, and I bought NekoMimi (it took alot of restraint for me, ’cause I’m a natural born shopper!) she was A LOT!!   Anyhoo, there called BJDs. they move just like a human and you can make them look like anything you want. They have no hair so you buy wigs, and eyes, etc.  Just by putting on a different wig and eyes she (or he) can look totally different! I love them!!  

 nikko mimi 3 NekoMimi in this picture is suppossed to look like a ghost but, that pic really isn’t that good.

(she’ll haunt you and meow next to your bed….oh scary! hehehe just in time for halloween! good scare huh? hehe)

lily closeup2   

Well, g’bye!

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  • Jeanette


    Love your dolls hair Mimi (I never knew your name was Amelia!) Nekomimi looks like she has very dark eyes, it makes her look mysterious. And Rose has wonderful ears. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    October 12, 2009 at 7:49 am

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