98: bits and pieces

98: bits and pieces

I thought I would quickly let you know about a cool giveaway at another blog…just cause I am such a nice guy.  Although if you sign up there, then I will have more competition, but I said I would, so here goes.  Follow the electric trail to Sandra Anderson’s blog entry here, and sign up to win a cool giveaway basket….I think I will be doing something like that here after the Tootsie Pop Quilt Challenge, so keep coming back now you hear!   

I am adding some new pix of more Tootsie Pop Challenge Quilts today and they should be on this page by mid-morning.  Those who haven’t sent me them need to send their jpg. files by the 15th of August, and then come the 16th of August, tell all your friends to come here to the website and give a comment on their favorite ones (hopefully your friends will comment on YOUR entry!…you can come back here of course to check on them!)

I have been madly shingling my back porch this weekend, and trying to finish up some quilting projects, so on this post, I have no pictures of that to show, but I did want to at least post one picture…so here is a photoshopped monkey that I created from our trip to the zoo 2 weeks ago (yeah the zoo pictures aren’t on here yet either…they are coming though so keep checking!  Summer keeps us all so busy doesn’t it?)

Here is your monkey folks.    

What do you think?  I rather like the graphic design of the natural world digitalized….

Oh, and I almost forgot.  I have a new blogging buddy Jess over at Juicy Bits.  She has a great little blog started, and some wonderful ideas.  So visit Jess, and tell her that Scott over at the Blue Nickel sent you!  Okay?


  • Hey! Thanx for that… between you and Melissa I might get 10s of readers. 😉 Just kidding…obviously many more and it’s so fun!

    I promise I’ll get working on the giveaway and I have a tutorial in the works!

    I dig the monkey picture…mostly the cool colors.

    August 4, 2008 at 12:11 am

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