99: most people take pictures of the animals

99: most people take pictures of the animals

For the record, I am not like most people.  I did try to take some pictures of the animals at the zoo two weeks ago, but you know, I spent so much time looking at them and trying to get the best picture, but by the time I was ready to take the picture, they would present me with their less than best side.  

These flowers, however, showed me their best side, even if I didn’t take the best photos.  But they are okay, and I don’t often see treasures like these.        

And this tree was very noteworthy I thought…. 

Okay, so here is the picture of the real monkey that I played with in the last post.  These were some pretty cool monkeys…funny tails!    

Here is  our rusty front gate for my rust buddy, Melissa   

   And here is my weekend going into this week project that keeps me out of the studio.  When the weather is good it is so hard to find time for everything.  I am shingling the porch by hand with a hammer and nails and individual shingles.  This project is long overdue, but when I am done, I will be so happy.  (but in the meantime, I have little to show for my work, as this is a slow and tedious project)….          and won’t quilts look good photographed up against it?

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  • ooh…my dad took a picture of one of my wall hangings up on their shingled garage and it did indeed look nice…

    I think I’m going to quickly get bored with either the grass or my front walk as backdrops for my blog pictures…

    August 6, 2008 at 12:04 pm

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