97: quick update on a few misc things.

97: quick update on a few misc things.

Okay so people, I have been SOOO behind in posting here.  I have been very busy…in fact at the moment, I NEED to be driving to the store to pick up an ice cream cake for my baby’s 11th birthday family “surprise” party…she asked for this, so I am not sure how much of a “surprise” it is going to be!

I have to make a note about the Tootsie Pop Challenge here, and hope everyone reads and understands it.  I have started posting the challenge quilts on the Project page here.  I had a friend who is local tell me that I shouldn’t allow comments to start piling up until the final due date (August 15th)…well, I thought about that, and I decided that I would continue to post the new entries, but I am not counting any comments added before the date of August 16th towards the winning entries.  Does that make sense?  Then all the entrants are at the same point on start day, and I will keep tally on the comments from the 16th of August to the 1st of September.  Hopefully all will be okay with that.  All my years of managing tell me some may not be, but all my years of management help me to be okay with that too. 

On to other things, now…quickly…I gotta get that cake picked up!

Here are some ATC’s that I am working on….2 are for a friend who is trading 3 cards with me (yikes I have one more to start and finish), one is for my friend Kevin who I promised 3 ATC’s to about oh….4 months ago!      

Two of Kevin’s are finished here:          

  Here is the border on the doll quilt border in progress…..like it? 

Okay, I really gotta go…that ice cream cake is calling, I have balloons to blow up, and streamers to put up!  Mimi and Linda are at a doll museum to keep Mimi away while we get ready for the “surprise”… wish me luck!

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  • Love the ATC’s and the doll quilt is way cool. Looking foward to seeing more of it 🙂

    July 31, 2008 at 7:41 am

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