oh yeah Birthday stuff

oh yeah Birthday stuff

Yesterday I made a very rambling post…I will try to be more coherent here…..good luck with that !!!!

it is early morning, I have GOT to get a little workout in and I start a new job today that pays a little over half my old wage, and I want to show you what my loving family gave me for my birthday on Punxatawyn Phil’s big day….The little ground bday hog!…..and introduce you to a new blog besides Michael5000’s…..

see too late, I already started the rambling bits…..should have never read stream of consciousness in college!!!  

anyway, here is the photo of my family’s gifts to me this 44th bday…..A quarter of Philip Jacobs newest fabric from the house of Westminster from Linda (along with 25 $$$ for my upcoming tattoo)….and some great dingle ball trim and GIANT rickrack from the kids in great colors…..

birthday present.jpg

 Then you must read Feed Dog’s blog when you get a chance.  He is a very clever man, and I love his creative ideas….I am probably, eventually, possibly, going to incorporate some of his ideas into my work…..maybe….

Now I really got to go work those leg lifts …..haven’t worked out for two or three weeks due to the cold weather…cannot get lazy….I already feel fat greedily trying to take back ground it has lost over the last couple of months…..


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