30 years ago or so..my first quilt

30 years ago or so..my first quilt

firstquilt 1.jpg   My very first quilt…this was probably made in 1978 or so….no label..never heard of such a thing back then…it was the 70’s though and Americana was really “in” because of the Bicentennial a few years earlier. 

 firstquilt close.jpg  Here is a “detail” of it….it has not had the best of care, but since it is mostly polyester/cotton blends, and out right polyester as well, it has weathered remarkably well. Doesn’t look a whole lot different than it did on my bed when I was 14….

Since I just had my birthday, I think that I am hyper-nostalgic….I have been reading…at least a little, and one book I found at the library last night really has juiced me up on journaling.  Linda, Mrs. Blue Nickel, aka Miss Mabel has been so good at journaling over the last 13 years at least…I really want to do that better.   I ran across the Flick’r page of Boisenoise and I thought what a great idea.  So I have copycat-ed his idea and I have started my own page of Self-Portaitage… I am not sure I can be as good at capturing everyday, but I am going to try.  I get to go in a Stretch limo today (first time in my life in a limo….I know boo-hoo)….so today’s picture will have to involve that I am sure…..

I had more to say…but I am getting very distracted now by folks gathering to go on the limo-excursion.  I hope to post a “rant” of sorts about words on my home and family musings page later this afternoon, but I am not sure I will get to it….

Also working on printing up some unique greeting cards for sale here on our Etsy site…..more news to follow  


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