February post Birthday

February post Birthday

Funny, I am grieving today over the last 20 plus years I spent at my previous employer.  I was struggling with things there for the last 5-9 years so much, you would think I would be happy to be “retired” and moving on to a new place.   …..this would probably go under the heading of “like you care” that my new quilting e-friend Michael refers to in his blog State of the Craft  …..I am in the process of being 3 on the ring of Male Quilt Bloggers he has started…hope I will be on that soon….

Anyway, on to posting some pictures here that I posted on my two yahoo groups QuiltGuy and Pickle Road Studio  a couple days ago.

Here is my quick “decor” thingie in the stairwell window which was woefully nude until this display knobs.jpg     

then this is my “country living” photo of my display of sink stoppers in the guest bathroom that Max calls “weird”  aqua setting.jpg   I think this shot is so good….I am planning on making cards for sale with this photo…so look for some nice hand and computer crafted cards for sale here in the next month or so…or for sale on our Etsy site  …..

And then a whole week and a half ago we had snow…. and this is the arbor on the edge of the woods at the end of the day…it looked much more marvelous early in the morning, but I didn’t bring my camera out in the AM  arbor in snow.jpg

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