Tuesday, Tuesday….(sung to the tune of Monday, Monday)

Tuesday, Tuesday….(sung to the tune of Monday, Monday)

disney for site.JPG Our Christmas card picture this year….do we looked tired? We were exhausted! This was our last day at the happiest place on earth. We were tired, but boy were we happy!

S3010598.JPG My latest shopping trip at the craft/fabric store where Linda works.  Employee shopping night 40% off….I know this wasn’t very much for such a good price, but we are on a VERY tight budget, and I really shouldn’t even have spend this much…..but I NEEDED the loft 1800 fabric at the top of the stack, and well the rest of the fabric just jumped in the cart…(after it had itself cut off the bolt and all)  smile!!

richard brimer dl.JPG My friend Richard in California saw my driver’s license study, and did his own.  I asked him to send it to me and he did, then I asked him if I could post it here.  He said sure, and that I should start a collection online…..starting with mine, his, and my wife’s…I asked Linda, she said no, but that Richard’s wife could send hers.  I emailed Rich, and he said his wife wouldn’t unless my wife went first.  If anyone else is brave enough to share them, let me know, and I could start a brand new page for the brave, the silly, the few.

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