Mystic Swamplands and Reinventing Santa

Mystic Swamplands and Reinventing Santa

myst swamp in our back yard.jpg   This scene captured my eye last Saturday when I got back from my morning fitness walk.  It reminded me so much of the swamp scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies.  Can you hear the haunting elvish melodies coming across your mind?  I sure can.

On a totally different note, the crew on Mark Lipinski’s Pickle Road Posse on Yahoo were discussing Santa Claus and some of the ways people are trying to reinvent him. I was looking up Santa and what is going down in the PC world and found a Fashion School that redid Santa’s look.  Here are three samples of the students work.

    santa-goes-modern_01.jpg    sketch-jennifer.jpg    sketch-melody.jpg   Now I have been thinking that I would like to be a Santa Claus when I “grow up” or retire or what ever….but now I think I have to lay off of 

these fastbreak bar.jpg and buy a bunch of Just For Men Hair Color….to fit the “new” look…..

I have been working out and trying to lose weight, and I have lost some and toned up some, but those FastBreak candy bars get me everytime…..they are not part of a healthy diet!!!



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