Time is strange huh? We never seem to have enough of it. I definitely never seem to have enough of it.  Yet it marches forward consistently doesn’t it?  There is no stopping it at all.  These pictures prove it.  thru the years DL.jpg  I found all but one of my driver’s license from 1986 forward.  Pretty incredible how things change, huh?  Besides the natural frosting of my hair what makes me saddest is that I have seemed to lost my smile in these pictures.  I do NOT want to be a grumpy old man!!!  So I amongst other things, I am determined to bring back that smile.  I am hoping that this change to Real Estate will help that, but I am discovering something that I knew in my head for years but it must be hitting my heart now…..Your “job” does not make you happy. duh!

So enough of that tirade…here is something that does make me happy….

tiffany stamps.jpg  This is a 2007 stamp set I bought this fall…..Beautiful stained glass trees with hills and a body of water (bay, lake, river?) … It reminds me of the last scene of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when Bilbo Baggins and Frodo leave on the Elvin ship to the afterlife…..very mystical and ethereal.

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