Loading and driving

Loading and driving

Been busy trying to load pictures onto this site and Linda’s site www.missmabelstudio.com I added some comments this morning to my photos, a couple photos to Linda’s site etc.  But it is 5:07 am now and I have to shower and get going cause today I drive into Seattle for two different meetings at the Bartell corporate office.  Am I excited or what?  Meetings all day and a drive to Seattle in the AM….I really do need to get on the move though to beat traffic!!!!  Will be bringing some cross-stitch to work on and my Real Estate book to read.

Linda’s site is right up at the top of the google chart when you google miss mabel studio…..this site is not yet there…lots of blue and nickel things come up…

anyway..gotta get into the race with the rest of the lemmings out there.


  • Richard


    You are definately one of those people for whom the stitching arts serves as a connection to a subteranian source of infinate energy. And it shows in your quilts too! You really must let us in on how you get into that zone where the conductivity is flowing.

    Rock on Dude!

    March 23, 2007 at 2:49 am

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