Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain

Now it has been raining for what seems like days.  And this summer I will be praying for rain…I don’t understand why God won’t balance it out a little more.  Probably because we as His creation want what we want and have been allowed to go out and invent things we don’t really need and rape and pillage our planet without any sense of stewardship….oh, was I on a soapbox?  Of course without a lot of these fancy gadgets and inventions, you wouldn’t be reading my thoughts and I would be out milking the goats or hunting a deer or something for the day’s meal….

I have posted some more pictures to my gallery and various other pages this AM…haven’t had time to do many “write-ups” on them, so you can just look at the pretty pictures for now.  Again it is early morning, but already 4:38 on my computer clock and I have got to get going….I messed around on the computer doing bills yesterday morning and trying to clean up some old files from 2000-2004 and by the time I got done, I had to go to work without a shower…..UGHHGH…so today I HAVE to get in the shower and skedaddle out of here. 

Today I have to drive to Marysville to open the store (27 miles) then down to Tukwila (south Seattle….oh at least 40miles) and then back up to Marysville to the store and then another 10 miles North to Smokey Point to teach a quilt class tonight. I am definitely praying for the Lord’s protection in traveling today!!!


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