Dead chickens and a Sunday afternoon

Dead chickens and a Sunday afternoon

Last Wednesday, two rogue dogs broke into our chicken coop and killed all eight of our chickens.  It was a very sad day at our house. Those chickens were our dear pets and Camilla the oldest had been with us since 1996 or so….so long ago I can’t remember exactly when. That was our week. Yesterday I spent most of my time in the studio sewing….getting ready for the quilting class I am teaching tomorrow night in Smokey Point, Washington and working on a new square for my friend Sara Nephew’s new book.  The class is the first one I have taught in a public setting, and I am a little nervous about it.  The square I can’t show as Sara’s book isn’t published yet, but it is all Kaffe Fassett’s and other Rowan designer’s fabrics and it is going to be beautiful I think.

 Should have been working on my real estate coursework online, but I just didn’t feel like it.  I have 22 hours left to finish that, and I thought that I had only until April 13th, but I actually have until May 13th, so I don’t feel quite so rushed. 

I have not yet sat down to look carefully at my camera and figure out how to send images here in the appropriate format so readers aren’t waiting for hours for the pix to download.

Not much of a blog for today, but it is something.


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