Mr. Memento……

February 11th, 2013

Yup, it’s time for another 2013 FOLK Journal Challenge prompt.  Here’s the question to ponder:

What family memento do you cherish? Why?

This week’s prompt was pretty hard to nail down because, well, our house is FULL of family mementos that I cherish….really full….(when we are gone, the kids and their spouses are going to have a HUGE estate sale, okay?)  See Linda and I would rather have something that means something to us even if it isn’t perfect. Linda is better at editing some of those things than I am, but still between the two of us we have a lot of old stuff…

Anyway I am rambling here….Back to the topic. I ended up picking two things to mention in this post. One from each side of my family. The first one is the one I thought of first, only because I have very few mementos from my Dad’s side of my family.  This ring is from a tin that was in Mom and Dad’s drawer when I was little and it included a bunch of 1920 silver dollars and other jewelry bits that I assume were from his side of the family too. This ring was from one of my Dad’s aunt’s beau’s.  I think the beau left her, but she kept the ring and somehow my Dad got it.  To be honest, Dad’s stories are not always clear to me, and I am not positive that his remembrance is always that accurate.  I don’t even remember how I came into possession of the ring either. I do remember that I gave it to my wife as a promise ring the December before we were engaged. She wore it as a pendant until that May.  The box is not original to the ring. I think the box came from my Grandma Roggendorf  because of the Milwaukee address, but I could have picked it up in a thrift shop years ago.  I know that I have had the two together for over 25 years now. Why do I cherish this? I think because my heart always felt bad for the aunt who the beau jilted, and I thought that maybe I could do a little better? I wear the ring sometimes now as a pinkie ring just because I like it.  I also cherish it because it comes from the past and to me represents some of the craftsmanship of the past.  Living on the West Coast, nothing really seems to be very “old” compared to the rest of the world.

Dad's ring

As I was looking around the many, many mementos, I spotted this wooden clock bank  from my Mother’s youth. I don’t remember using it as a bank as I don’t think it ever had it’s “top”.  But I do remember carting it all over my travels when I grew up and moved away. I always have cherished this because I felt a connection to my Mom.  Her Mom was the “fun” Grandma, and though I could never really imagine Mom as a little girl, I heard many stories about growing up in Wisconsin, and it seemed like such a different world then.  She remembers being a teen and going over to the neighbors to watch TV!! This little clock reminds me of time in a much different way than it was originally intended to do.

Mom's Bank

So what about you? do you have some mementos that you cherish? Would love to hear about them!

251: Garden Tour with Bari J and Country Lane….

October 6th, 2010

      Hey there!

Welcome to today’s post!! Thanks for dropping by the Blue Nickel!

Today it is all about my friend Bari J Ackerman and her third line of fabric Country Lane.  I was lucky enough to be able to join along in Bari’s Garden Blog Tour with Country Lane.   I have my first down-loadable pattern that is right here at the Blue Nickel for you featuring  Country Lane(i.e. not on some other site, you have to come here directly to get it, Yeah!) , a quick interview that I snagged from Bari for as she is rushing around to get ready for her first booth at Fall Quilt Market, AND a prize of fabric from her second line, Art Journal, as well as one of Bari’s Premiere sewing patterns.  

SO on to the interview….  

BNS: So welcome to Blue Nickel Studios, Bari!     

Bari: Thanks, Scott, happy to be here!

BNS: I know you are super busy, getting ready for Quilt Market and your first booth set up there, so let’s go straight to the questions.

First off, when you were in your teens, who stole your heart via the pop culture at the time? Is your husband anything like your former heart-throb? 

Bari: You are going to be surprised… Billy Idol.  And Super Husband is about the furthest thing from Billy Idol you could get.

BNS: When you are creating and designing, do you have a set of favorite tunes or CD’s you rock the house down with?or is it all Peace and Tranquility at BariJ HQ?

Bari: I sometimes start the day with Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow

BNS: You just wrote a book Inspired to Sew due out in January 2011. What surprised you the most in the process of writing this bookshelf-must-have?

Bari: It always takes way more time and energy than you think when you first set out to do something.  This was no exception.  It was grueling.

BNS: Your favorite midnight snack while working late into the night?

Bari: Popcorn…although I tend to just work and work without eating until I realize I totally forgot to have a meal.

BNS: You dig vintage doodaderies, right?  What has been your most fabulous find?  Can you share some pictures of some of your favorites?

Bari: I collect milk glass and vintage tins.  I have limited myself at this point to only pink milk glass though because it’s harder to find.  I also love vintage jewelry.

these next two pictures are courtesy of Bari J Designs. 



BNS: Thanks for sharing those great photos Bari!  Next question, what do you see in the future for the Bari J empire and your fans?

Bari: I am working on surface designs for paper, home goods, and more.

BNS: What do you want most for your daughters to take from your home when they grow up, besides their laundry?

Bari: That you can do anything you set your mind to.

BNS: Good words for us all to live by!  Last question,  Sound of Music, West Side Story, Little Shop or Horrors, or Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Bari: West Side Story, definitely.

BNS: Well, I know your time is short these days getting ready for Quilt Market, so we’ll wrap this up. Thank you so much for stopping by the Blue Nickel on your Country Lane Garden Tour.  We all definitely look forward to seeing what is up your sleeve in the future!

Bari: Thanks for having me, Scott, it’s always a pleasure chatting with you.

And here is the table runner that I designed just for you, my friends, using Bari’s Country Lane.  I have not had time to actually get mine quilted and bound, but you can imagine it with the yellow print as the binding, can’t you? I know you can. (and if you can’t when I get it done…I will be back here to show it to you.) 

And when you make your table runner don’t forget to post a picture on the Blue Nickel Studios group page if you make it out of any fabrics at all and on Bari’s Country Lane group page if you make it out of  Country Lane.


And then last but not least the prize pack….here is the prize….one of Bari’s first printed patterns from this summer, and a fat quarter pack of Art Journal, Bari’s second line for Windham.


And here is what you need to do to get it…..

This time around we are going strictly by the numbers, a random drawing….and to get your name in the drawing, here’s what you need to do.

Leave a comment on this post for one chance to win

Sign up to receive Blue Nickel Studios blog updates in your email or RSS feed and come back here to tell me that you did, or if you already are subscribing let me know that in a separate post for a second chance to win.

 Sign up to recieve BariJ’s blog updates in your email or RSS feed and come back here to tell me that you did, or if you already are subscribing let me know that in a separate post for a third chance to win.

Tweet or mention and link to this blog post sharing news about this  giveaway and come back to tell me you did for a fourth chance to win.

There you go, it’s that simple.  Enter in one or all four of the above ways.  If we get over 200 comments, then I will throw in some large chunks of Country Lane fabric to a second winner.    Oh, and I forgot to give an end date to this post originally…..Let’s say you have til October 12th to leave comments, we’ll do the drawing then, okay?

Inspirational Industrial Images

June 12th, 2008

To go with the wet damp weather we are having here in the Pacific Northwest, here are some more pictures from that old building in Seattle:

S3010187.JPG      Nice layered look of brick, wood, and plaster, huh?  S3010180.JPG  Very steep, shallow stairs from a long time ago…certainly not to code these days.

 S3010190.JPG   Another nicely layered look here    S3010189.JPG  and for my friend Melissa, rusty cement and brick.

Yesterday was supposed to be spent out in the yard entirely…It rained most of the day, so I spent it in the studio instead….that and journaling. At the moment I can’t necessarily show the results of that work, as it might become a published patterns.   I am waiting still for three lines of fabric to come here from the manufacturers to work on some designs I have started.  Until they get here, I feel rather plunky…...yeah, I made that up, but that is how I feel.  So that is today’s post for now….I may get more posted by tonight, but for now that is it!


June already?

June 9th, 2008

I missed a whole week writing ???  I worked hard on many things …but none were art related.  One day in the week though I did take pictures of parts of an OLD building I was working at in the Seattle area.  They were inspired by pictures that Melissa Averinos posted on her site of a cemetary across the street from her home.

So here are a few takes from my “photo op”

S3010175.JPG    They just don’t make hinges like that anymore…..well they probably do, but this looked cool here.

S3010162.JPG  I do like things that look old.  Oh the things that this clamp has seen.  This building is at least 90 years old, probably older.

 S3010157.JPG  This isn’t as old as the rest, the wiring has been updated, but this still looked cool closeup I thought.

S3010148.JPG  And this is too shiny, but the paper behind looks cool, and the closeup of the industrialness was interesting I think.   I am late to bed now, so I will post more tomorrow.  I was feeling blue most of the day yesterday and the week before….I think the record rain we had here in the NW was a large part of it.  I have a long day of traveling and 3 major activities, including going to a final planning meeting for my guild’s upcoming quilt show (my first time to one of these meetings, but I haven’t helped like I would like to at our show’s, and I have decided that I am going to do more from now on) Today I spent the morning at church, but not connecting to God like I wanted to. This afternoon I worked on some gardening things, and that helped a little bit, but I was very tired for some reason.  I did a little journaling, and I think that helped.  And now I am posting on here to finish up my day.   I don’t feel phenomenally better, but you know, it is okay to say that I feel well enough to just keep on pushing through.   The past few days I didn’t particularily feel like pushing through… was more like dragging myself through….

Later mysterious readers who need to do more commenting!!   :) :)

running out of time…

May 29th, 2008

Well, not really running out of time…actually time is about all we really have….but the list of things to do in a day do not give blogging or design or art a large priority, but I am trying to give it more time

Any way….here is a brief potpourri of things to look at…and explore

bench.JPG   I painted this bench two years ago, and had so much fun doing it…I didn’t do any creative painting last summer at all…I hope I get to it this year…

quilt and geraniaum.JPG Here is my Grandma’s planter that I never saw plants in my entire life, until we had it…hoping to fill this with geraniums this year….it actually would be the first time my kids actually see plants in it too…and we have had this with us….oh about 10 years….it usually gets filled with crap that we don’t want to see on the porch!!

katmandu 4x4.JPG  I made this mini 4” x 4” “quilty” thing for a friend and just mailed it to him….He is fairly famous quilting wise, and you can probably figure out who it is if you read my blog, but for now I am leaving him nameless…for now….I am hoping he will like it enough to put it on HIS site  Shameless gift-giving, well, kinda, but I do want him to like it whether he puts it on his site or not!

peacocks we like.JPG My mother in law picked up a pair of these great peacock metal wall thingies, and gave us one…I was thrilled….Linda was not as thrilled but did allow me to put it on the wall of the front porch…..right next to Linda’s “peacock” chair from the 70’s….I didn’t realize that when I put it on the wall, but when I started taking the picture I figured it out…

And then one last thing.   I am officially adding Melissa Averinos to my blog links….Melissa has great pictures, finds great stuff, and is a brand new fabric designer for Free Spirit.  I have emailed her a couple times, trying to not seem like a “stalker”.....she seems very genuine and creative….I think  you will like her stuff!!

I also wanted to put a cool link here for a technique on hanging mini quilts on the wall, but the time I mentioned above is cracking the whip over my head, and I gotta get finished….so you can come back for that later…

Anybody out there reading this???




Actual quilting entry!!

April 21st, 2008

star and flower.jpg   I made these blocks for my class ”The Parts Department” based from the book Collaborative Quilting. They are variations from parts in the book.  The big pink and black star came out much bigger than I imagined (18” square), as I didn’t really do the math for the overall size…but I rather like it, and I think it will become the center for a mandala style quilt based from the parts department.  Pinks and blues (with a bunch of black and white), what do you think?  The flower? I am not sure but I think a row of three of these with a fairly simple border would make a nice bold wall hanging.

 beginnning of baby quilt.jpg  These 4 blocks are the beginning of a 49 block quilt for my wife’s cousin’s firstborn baby coming soon.   The parents are calm, very “planned-out” people, so I decided to stick to their chosen colors for the baby’s room in a very subdued, slightly planned, but not completely symmetrical quilt.   They will find out soon enough that babies really don’t fit every plan created by parents, and they are seldom “quiet”.....but that will be in due time.   I am excited to make this quilt, as it is back to my “original” palette of earthy, country colors. 

There have been so few entries in here this month, as my work and home have seemed to call me to other things. I wish I could tell you what they were, but I don’t really think I know.  The previous entry shows the chicken coop portion of the month, but it seems like there was more than that going on.  Probably it has just been emotions of the job situation.  Being caught in two worlds where I do not feel comfortable in either at present, but the family still needs to be fed and sheltered.  Pretty tough…..but I will hang onto the promises that God will always take care of me, and that He does love me and my family more than I could ever comprehend.

Sunday the 24th of February

February 24th, 2008

Not the most exciting of titles, but today doesn’t seem like the most exciting of days.  Here are some pictures that I would like to post though, and perhaps later I can do some more writing stuff..

freddy chicken.jpg  a chicken from the Collaborative quilting class I have been teaching….I don’t know if I like it as much as the Country Threads type of chicken I have made in the past, but it is a chicken so what’s not to love

country heart.jpg  A country colored heart that I made as an example to hawk my Parts Dept class at Ben Franklin’s in Monroe.  I made this so the calmer folk among us wouldn’t be scared away by the bright colors of the Collaborative Quilting book by Freddie Moran and Gwen Marston.