running out of time…

running out of time…

Well, not really running out of time…actually time is about all we really have….but the list of things to do in a day do not give blogging or design or art a large priority, but I am trying to give it more time!!!

Any way….here is a brief potpourri of things to look at…and explore

bench.JPG   I painted this bench two years ago, and had so much fun doing it…I didn’t do any creative painting last summer at all…I hope I get to it this year…

quilt and geraniaum.JPG Here is my Grandma’s planter that I never saw plants in my entire life, until we had it…hoping to fill this with geraniums this year….it actually would be the first time my kids actually see plants in it too…and we have had this with us….oh about 10 years….it usually gets filled with crap that we don’t want to see on the porch!!

katmandu 4x4.JPG  I made this mini 4″ x 4″ “quilty” thing for a friend and just mailed it to him….He is fairly famous quilting wise, and you can probably figure out who it is if you read my blog, but for now I am leaving him nameless…for now….I am hoping he will like it enough to put it on HIS site!!!  Shameless gift-giving, well, kinda, but I do want him to like it whether he puts it on his site or not!

peacocks we like.JPG My mother in law picked up a pair of these great peacock metal wall thingies, and gave us one…I was thrilled….Linda was not as thrilled but did allow me to put it on the wall of the front porch…..right next to Linda’s “peacock” chair from the 70’s….I didn’t realize that when I put it on the wall, but when I started taking the picture I figured it out…

And then one last thing.   I am officially adding Melissa Averinos to my blog links….Melissa has great pictures, finds great stuff, and is a brand new fabric designer for Free Spirit.  I have emailed her a couple times, trying to not seem like a “stalker”…..she seems very genuine and creative….I think  you will like her stuff!!

I also wanted to put a cool link here for a technique on hanging mini quilts on the wall, but the time I mentioned above is cracking the whip over my head, and I gotta get finished….so you can come back for that later…

Anybody out there reading this???




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  • The “quilty thing” is absolutely beautiful.

    Hey Thanks Sarah, and Thanks even more for commenting on the blog. I always wonder if anyone is out there reading this….keep the cards and letters coming!! 🙂

    May 30, 2008 at 12:10 pm

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