Inspirational Industrial Images

Inspirational Industrial Images

To go with the wet damp weather we are having here in the Pacific Northwest, here are some more pictures from that old building in Seattle:

S3010187.JPG      Nice layered look of brick, wood, and plaster, huh?  S3010180.JPG  Very steep, shallow stairs from a long time ago…certainly not to code these days.

 S3010190.JPG   Another nicely layered look here    S3010189.JPG  and for my friend Melissa, rusty cement and brick.

Yesterday was supposed to be spent out in the yard entirely…It rained most of the day, so I spent it in the studio instead….that and journaling. At the moment I can’t necessarily show the results of that work, as it might become a published patterns.   I am waiting still for three lines of fabric to come here from the manufacturers to work on some designs I have started.  Until they get here, I feel rather plunky……yeah, I made that up, but that is how I feel.  So that is today’s post for now….I may get more posted by tonight, but for now that is it!


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