June already?

June already?

I missed a whole week writing ???  I worked hard on many things …but none were art related.  One day in the week though I did take pictures of parts of an OLD building I was working at in the Seattle area.  They were inspired by pictures that Melissa Averinos posted on her site of a cemetary across the street from her home.

So here are a few takes from my “photo op”

S3010175.JPG    They just don’t make hinges like that anymore…..well they probably do, but this looked cool here.

S3010162.JPG  I do like things that look old.  Oh the things that this clamp has seen.  This building is at least 90 years old, probably older.

 S3010157.JPG  This isn’t as old as the rest, the wiring has been updated, but this still looked cool closeup I thought.

S3010148.JPG  And this is too shiny, but the paper behind looks cool, and the closeup of the industrialness was interesting I think.   I am late to bed now, so I will post more tomorrow.  I was feeling blue most of the day yesterday and the week before….I think the record rain we had here in the NW was a large part of it.  I have a long day of traveling and 3 major activities, including going to a final planning meeting for my guild’s upcoming quilt show (my first time to one of these meetings, but I haven’t helped like I would like to at our show’s, and I have decided that I am going to do more from now on!!!) Today I spent the morning at church, but not connecting to God like I wanted to. This afternoon I worked on some gardening things, and that helped a little bit, but I was very tired for some reason.  I did a little journaling, and I think that helped.  And now I am posting on here to finish up my day.   I don’t feel phenomenally better, but you know, it is okay to say that I feel well enough to just keep on pushing through.   The past few days I didn’t particularily feel like pushing through…..it was more like dragging myself through….

Later mysterious readers who need to do more commenting!!   🙂 🙂

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