Goals for 2021

Goals for 2021 - Dot Necessities from Banyan Batiks

Goals for 2021

Now I start talking about goals for 2021? Haha, what is this January 1st?

No, but it is now past three months since we have landed in the new house, and I am finally beginning to feel a little more at home. I feel like I can start doing things again. Not much beyond just settling in still, but at least I don’t have to think about selling and buying a house. That is a Whole lotta less stress than last year for sure. We are HERE, and we are STAYING.

So what are my goals?

Here is my tentative initial list:

  • I really want to get ALL of the quilts I own – both vintage and created by moi – posted in the galleries here on the Blog.  That will probably be later in the year, but maybe if I just do a couple every month, I can get through them faster. I don’t even really know how many I own. That sounds so bourgeois, doesn’t it?!
  • Get more of the patterns I have been promising for a couple of years now published finally. iForest is ALMOST ready for you. Hoping next week actually!
  • Get some classes filmed and also get the film studio/guest quarters finished by Christmas at the latest. Film studio will be first priority but they are kind of conjoined in the way I building out that space.
  • As I unpack, I am finding MANY unfinished projects, so hoping to get many of them sorted and finished. The Problem with unpacking though it that I find hundreds of old idea on paper as well as groups of fabrics that make me think…. Oooooh there is a quilt that needs to be made also. I am going to try to stick to the ones I have actually started… and there are quite a few to be sure.
  • And of course the ongoing Mandala of the Month is one of the goals. It is April now, so Green is the color and I think I am going to work mostly with hexagons. We will see how that goes! Loving the challenge of a different focus each month, and I love the containment of 30″ square as well.

Those are my goals for 2021 and are of course subject to change at any time!

For pictures today, I thought I would share some fun pix of some fun promo shots I did in my studio for OLFA and some our Easter displays at the house this year.

Studio Pix….

These are mostly to feature OLFA products, pretty obviously, but there are some other tools as well.

Goals for 2021 Blue Nickel Studios

These spinning cutting mats begged to have their picture taken this way:

OLFA Cutting devices and Aurifil Thread are definite necessities!

OLFA Cutters OLFA Scissors Aurifil Thread

Now onto Easter Pix….

Linda snagged this picture of Jesus with I believe Mary and Martha of Bethany from my Dad’s house after he died. This is probably supposed to depict the story of Mary listening to Jesus while Martha thought she should be working and helping her feed the Disciples and other guests.  Good lesson to Listen to the Lord – one I need to hear every day. This is a cheap flimsy print and frame, but it looks decent and Linda always liked it. Now it is over our mantel and is a good daily reminder to listen to God rather than people.

Less spiritual Easter décor follows.

This Crocheted duck cracks us all up!

Yes, I know that frame needs a picture…..

These stuffed bunnies are stitched up in Dot Necessities by Karen Gibbs and Ocean Park by me for Banyan Batiks. Pattern is a free download from Positively Splendid. I have been meaning to make these for years and finally got some done this year. That small quilt underneath them was my mother’s doll quilt. I believe it was made by my great-grandmother Augusta.  (More of Karen’s Dot Necessities are in the title photos!)

Here’s a spread of bunnies, lambs and chicks, etc.

Bill the Cat was only caught Sheep Rustling and Rabbit Hunting once so far, which is pretty good I reckon.

We have this super odd little display shelf in the pantry/hall between the kitchen and my studio. For a couple months we had no idea what to do with it. But then I saw that this doll hutch my Mother-in-Law built and painted. And this has now basically become a seasonal display area. Not sure what we will do for summer. Maybe seashells….

And this charming couple are a creation of my mom’s…. Beautifully silly and campy.

That’s it for Easter displays this  year.

Looking Ahead…

And you may think it is too early for this next picture, but there is never enough time to get ready for Christmas. Here is a glimpse of a project I am also working on for my friend Pat Sloan‘s book tour in June! (Not really on the goal list, but I snuck it in 😉 )

And last but NOT least.. be sure to check out the OLFA website next Friday for the beginning of the  OLFA- Alfie Mystery Quilt-along >> #OLFAAlfieMysteryQAL. I will be sharing new steps each of the remaining Fridays to  make a fun and easy Spring/Summer Wall-hanging from a yard of fabric and FQ’s or Even Fat Eighths.  Next week is cutting and 1/2 Square Triangles.  And we will have PRIZES….LOL!

So gather some fun Fabric to join me over at OLFA headquarters for a fun quick little sewing Mystery. (I will be using Alfie by Este MacLeod for Windham Fabrics – And good news! This fabric is hitting the shelves now!)

As always,
Keep Sewing, Keep Happy, Keep Safe,



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