Five Ways to Stay Creative

Today I wanted to share five ways to stay creative when your daily journey takes you down the street on the Rainy side of Life.

This holiday season was a hard one for me personally. It marked 2 years since my mom died (September really) and 21 years since my little brother committed suicide – that’s actually coming up in a week. His birthday, November 24th was on the Friday after Thanksgiving this year, same as when he was born back 24 years before he left us. I remember the day he was born vividly as I was quite a bit older than him. He almost died then, I was told a the time, due to being an RH baby. So all of these memories sort of clouded the end of this year for me. Plus my last uncle (whom I was not very close to – a total OTHER story) died 12 days before Christmas. My poor cousins!

So for those reasons and others, I have had a hard time staying creative this past fall. I just felt drained in my normal creative times. The emotions from the above added to the holiday happenings felt a bit overwhelming. There were good times this season to be sure, but I had to work at keeping the clouds at bay.

The following short list covers some of what I do to FORCE Myself into creativity when I don’t really feel that I have any ideas. I think being creative helps heal us all in so many ways, and sometimes we need inspiration especially when it is hardest to find. These things help me to keep on keeping on. I hope that they will help you as well.

1. Draw!

The very easiest of ways to stay Creative. Practically everyone has doodled once in awhile while waiting on hold on the phone, don’t you think? I always try to keep at least some paper with me, and I am particularly fondest of graph paper. But I will draw on anything. Quilt ideas, Fabric ideas, Quilting ideas, notes to console myself or just to say what is happening right now. My kids are going to find all of these when I die and either be fascinated or stunned.  😉   I could probably not draw anything new for the next 5 years and still have things left to create from what I have already drawn up.

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2. Stitch!

Of course this is the one that most of us long to do anyway. In this past season, I have gotten a few little things whipped up that you have seen mostly on my Instagram feed, but nothing major.  With my first line of fabric coming out this Spring, I have got to get started on Four major quilt projects right away in January, but I have not been able to emotionally put myself into them yet – this is alright though, they are fermenting in my mind nicely while they wait – I think they will be great when they emerge. In the meantime though, I have been working on little bits of embroidery….mostly some pieces that my mom had started, although these have awakened a desire within to do more with embroidery stitching in the future. And I have been sewing scraps together as in this Instagram post.

Five ways to stay creative, Stay creative when life is tough, Creativity in hard times, Be prepared to be creative. Creativity Heals emotionally hard times. Inspiration Ideas.

3. Unstitch!

Okay, so this one is probably more Meditative than helping you to stay creative, but I have been unstitching these old table topping pieces of muslin that were trimmed with this gorgeous Grandma Moses Barkcloth. I can’t stand that the barkcloth was cut up and used as trim, my goal is re-purpose both the muslin and the barkcloth, You will have to watch my Instagram Feed to see what I do with this. While I am unstitching this, I find it a bit relaxing, and I get excited thinking about what I will do with the Barkcloth when I get it all cleaned up and pressed etc.

Five ways to stay creative, Stay creative when life is tough, Creativity in hard times, Be prepared to be creative. Creativity Heals emotionally hard times. Inspiration Ideas.

4. Move!

I have added this one because I find music so inspiring and I think dancing is super good for your body and soul. This video is awesome – because they are SEWING!!  And the music is entirely dance-able. Any good music that makes you kick up your feet will push you to get out of a funk and help that creativity flow. Kinda like unclogging a drain, but more fun!! Footloose is another personal favorite!



5. Explore!

Finally, look at everyday like it is an adventure in exploration. When it comes to exploring, I am too often tempted to do my exploring on Instagram or Pinterest, but the BEST places to explore are OUT and ABOUT.  Take a walk in your town or in a park (somewhat related to Move in Item #4 above), visit an antique shop or a bookstore,  check out a local nursery or farm, go out with your honey to charming little Bistro…..And then LOOK all around you. Whenever I do these things I often come back renewed and refreshed and with new ideas (Many of which I write down and Draw (see Item #1 above).

Be Prepared for ways to stay Creative…

Have your supplies always at hand.

  • Whenever we go anywhere at the very least, I like to have pen and paper. Always keep a little notebook or scrap of paper in every  pocket.
  • Bring a bag of Stitching and Unstitching supplies wherever you go. If you get caught in a storm while traveling even between work and home, you will always have something to do.
  • Keep your phone charged up to keep those 80’s dance tunes pumping. Even charge up a back up charger for more time and more tunes.
  • And always be on the lookout for something inspiring! You will find some ideas in the most unusual of places and events.

So that is my humble advice for those times you find it hard to come up with ways to stay creative.

And with that, suddenly it is here, the last post of 2017 ! Thanks for joining me on this Blue Nickel Journey!

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 for us all!

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,





  • So great Thank you…I too have lost tremendously…Sitting in my two sewing rooms with 50 years of fabric collections…playing free cell and sleeping…I love the music…xoxoxo

    January 1, 2018 at 2:08 pm
  • I just wanted to send you a virtual hug…I am happy to be moving into 2018 and look forward to some fun times with you in July!!! And love your tips on staying creative!

    January 2, 2018 at 8:40 am
  • Tammy L Wolf


    Thanks Scott, I needed that boost from you… December was pretty terrible for me, and my creativity was frozen! You have inspired me to get back up to that sewing room and smile again.. Thank you!!! Cant wait to see you in July! Hugs to you!

    January 4, 2018 at 11:21 am

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