Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

I’m having a Blue Christmas.

But hold on, don’t start feeling all sorry for me or anything. We don’t ALWAYS have to be cheerful, happy, Smiles all of the time.

It’s not that I am super Sad or anything. I am mostly pretty content actually. And THAT is a lot better than in past years.

But I have been SUPER contemplative about a great many things.

I have started to wake up from this Christmas Materialism we have found ourselves smothered in  for the last 60-70 years or so (and yes, I am talking BEFORE I was born!). Even though it was already commercialized in the 70’s when I was kid, Christmas was NOT This MADNESS that it has become in the last 20 years. I remember planning a homemade Christmas play with my cousins one year. Another year, I made a construction paper “program” for a Christmas “recital” for my family. Life was pretty simple back then, we really didn’t have a lot. I think I loved Christmas time so much because it was the one time of year that we had more color and pattern to enjoy. Tangerines, a little bit of candy, and some very small trinket-y toy or two in the stocking and a few toys that we found in the Sears Catalog. It wasn’t everything that everyone else had, but it was enough back then. Or at least it seems like it was. As far as I can remember.

Aesthetically speaking,  I am still for the piling up of the color and texture and layer upon layer.

Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer upon later!!

I love it all.  I love it in music, in art, in books, in food. I love all of the details.


                   This song is an example of those beautiful layers in music. It’s an “old” one but still among my very favorites. Such a hauntingly beautiful piece.

I am thinking that the Sad Blueness of Christmas comes from the Overloading of our Hearts. We place so many burdens on ourselves. And we have so many Advertisements and News and Fake News And Wars and Rumors and Gossip and Gluttony and Anger and Self-Importance – Self Righteousness. Everyone on Pinterest and Instagram has more  than you and great ideas and of course you should be able to do ALL 457 of those great ideas between Thanksgiving and Christmas, right?

Personally, I really would like to shed all of that pressure. The question that is haunting my mind these days is how do I separate the two?
How do I keep the color and textures and all of the eye candy  but NOT keep the stress and pressure and worry and busyness?

I am not really sure that I know how….It’s a balancing act, I guess huh?

And perhaps more planning?

This great idea will have to wait until  next October. So will this one. And I am sure that next year MORE things will appear that I will want to do. And they may have to wait until 2018. Can I be okay with that? I will try.

And I will keep on enjoying Christmas, whether it be Blue or Green or Red or White or a myriad of All of the Colors.

Totally Random Moment >> And then there’s the 180 Square Feet of Llama wrapping paper that I bought in the Target Christmas section just because I had to have it!

It will last us through the next 10 Christmases (and birthdays) …..

That’s a “wrap” for this post…..(Bwhahaha, I crack myself up!)

Keep Sewing, Keep Happy,



  • PatSloan


    The Llama paper ROCKS…,,, it’s an interesting time as we go on….Any Holiday now.. is nothing like when I was a kid… or in my 20s.. or then 30s… it changes with time to a new meaning and a new thing… I’m good with that…. your blue is so gorgeous… love your thoughts Scott!

    December 23, 2016 at 9:26 am
  • I get the Blue Christmas. Every year seems to up the expectations. I’m really trying to make Christmas about Christ this year. Trying to balance out the desire to give gifts people will enjoy and rushing around like a maniac trying to make all the pretty things is a tricky thing to accomplish. Love your blue layers and that llama paper! Quilty llamas even!

    December 31, 2016 at 7:14 am

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