Mr. December for #NGAQB — Joshua (Molli Sparkles)

Mr. December for #NGAQB — Joshua (Molli Sparkles)


So here on the LAST day of December, I present to you, Mr. December, Joshua Helms, better known in the Quilting World as Molli Sparkles. This guy is great, I am looking forward to someday meeting him….oh, say when a whole bunch of Australian Quilt Guilds get together to invite me down under to share my quilts and teach a bunch of classes. Hint, hint….

Anyway, Molli, started this whole #NGAQB back in November last year I think.  I got my invite through John, but Molli was the creator of this Bee and has been a great leader keeping us on track and all. Mostly at least.

Molli’s choice for his block was this little hashtag block he cooked up.


His request was that the blocks be tone on tone fabrics on white. I have two different whites in here, but I am not sure that you can really tell that from the photos.


Molli had originally done this for the #NGAQB only, but since the Sydney hostage incident, Molli has opened his request for blocks from everyone to help with healing in the aftermath of that horrible day.

So that’s a wrap for the #NGAQB. It was fun.  I met some great guys and got share this quilting thing with them. I have a LOT to do in 2015, so I am working very hard to say “no”  to extra like this in the coming year.  I am uber excited about the possibilities of 2015.

Keep Happy, Keep Sewing,


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