Just a couple extras…

Just a couple extras…


Today is just a quick post sharing a few of the lovely “single” prints that have popped up in the studio recently (single meaning not all from the same line from one of my sponsoring fabric companies and such)
The first three I picked up in a Joann’s store near where my sons live.

I picked up this great green print from Juliana Horner‘s first line (I think).


And this terrific vintage Christmas print (can’t beat half off pricing that’s for sure!) … like I NEED another Christmas print. I have a lot of this kind of stuff that I so need to work with already!


And here is a great print from Denyse Schmidt’s latest line for Joann’s.


Then this great little foulard print came from Linda’s friend Allison. Thanks Allison!!


The four Japanese prints below came from my mother in law for Christmas via Fabricworm. Okay well, technically my MIL send Linda the money and she picked them out from Fabricworm, whatever.


Like I really needed ANY of this….. sigh….but so sweet to have here to play with!

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