Snail Mail My Email!

Snail Mail My Email!

Oh this is one of the greatest non-quilt related books that I have ever seen! And what’s even better you could be part of the second round of this fun and Anti-Pop-Culture project this week as well!

Brittany at Sourcebooks sent me this book, Snail Mail My Email, to review, and I cannot say how much of a chord it strikes with my longings for more art in my life!  Emails have replaced Snail Mail as a more efficient and prolific communication method. But this cartoon from the first few pages of the book show what has happened in the transition.

Unread emails fill the digital landscape, and letters are the new “wow” thing! What a reversal, huh?

The concept of the orginal project was really simple.  Peeps sent an email that they wanted sent to someone as a real-life postal letter.  Then the Snail Mail My Email crew volunteers wrote and illustrated or created said letter and sent them to the recipient….for FREE!!  This book is one of the results of that project.

So here’s the deal. You can also get a letter sent to someone this week  (Nov 12-18, 2012) and this week only. Ivan and crew are doing this project again here.  I was lucky enough to get to be on the list of letter-writers for this next round, so I will be doing about 5 letters a day I am told.  I am so excited for this chance to connect with a whole lot of strangers and flex my creative muscles at the same time.  I will be Instagramming them as I go.  So come follow me here to keep up with them!

These would be so fun to have sent and to receive don’t you think??

And if you can’t think of anyone that you want to send an artistic letter to, you can always send it to me!  🙂  1315 Gohr Road, Sultan, WA 98294…..I’d send you a fun quilty related package just for thinking of me!

I gotta go, I have a lot of letters to write and design! Maybe one will be yours!


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  • I just did this! I hope they write the letter to our pregnant daughter. I think it will mean a lot to her and her husband. Thank you!

    November 16, 2012 at 7:17 pm

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