Knowledge is Power…Moustache is King!!

Knowledge is Power…Moustache is King!!

yup….that’s me….and my naked chin….I haven’t actually seen that chin since about 13 years ago when I started sprouting a goatee or soul patch of some sort or another.  I have a really good reason for shaving this off though!

I decided to join all of my Mo-Bro’s this Movember to raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer Initiatives and Mens’ Health.  My part is to grow a moustache (I have chosen this type of  ‘stache) and talk about it…… You can help the cause in two ways:

First, I am doing a special thing here on the blog for all my Quilty peeps to help support the cause in combination with a Mo-vember event at one of my two DayJobs.   Here, you can send me whatever you want to donate to the cause in cash or check to:    Scott Hansen, 1315 Gohr Road,  Sultan, WA 98294 .    And I will collect that money and turn it in at TheDayJob for our Mo-vember event there (I love this new DayJob…..there are a lot of cool guys there, and they really make going to work fun…..really…and I don’t know that I have honestly said that for a good many years.)
But here’s the Blue Nickel take on this fund-raiser,  Quilty Peeps!  You send your donation in an envelope with one or two fat quarters of fabric….and then at then end of the month, I will take and make something from those fat quarters.  And that thing that I make (don’t know what it is yet) will go to one of the people who sent a aforementioned donations.

Or you can go here and donate to the cause this way.  Either way you can give to the cause and help save manly moustached men across the globe.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you…’s this little gem…..


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  • You grow Scott. my daughter participates in this at her highschool. Great idea to talk about men’s health and bring it to the open, so to speak. I’ll be donating locally though I wish you luck with your stash and your fund raising.

    November 5, 2012 at 6:40 pm

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