Happy Day!! (one month+ later!!)

Happy Day!! (one month+ later!!)

so someone puuuullllllleeeeezzzzze tell me that today isn’t May 3rd….because I started this post March 26th….got the pictures on,  and then hit the sewing machine for 3 other quilts for Quilt Market and zammo bammo….there went April!  (I am sooo embarrassed that I didn’t get a single post in during the month of April, but there were other things going on too….silly life and all….)  I did however get all three quilts done and two sent off already. The third is at my quilter  Becky’s place right now…so I am going to try to see what I can do with these beauties by Cloud 9 and see if I can squeeze one more little quilt into the mix.  (Last year I was still binding things during Market, and I really did NOT like that at all)

I was so excited when I saw that Michelle was doing these prints of Ed Emberley’s in price sensitive organic fabric! I wrote and asked and she sent me these wonderful cuts to play with!  I feel guilty,  because I got them before you could buy them, and I was going to try to write about them to get you all excited like me….and now, well, they are shipping already….so I wasn’t able to pre-excite you….but now that they are out there….stop everything and go get yourself some before they are gone!!

I am normally not a big fan of novelty prints, but I really loved Mr. Emberley’s books on how to draw when I was a kid and spent hours drawing things that I thought I couldn’t.  So these prints are VERY special to me!!

Most of these prints are from those first books I am pretty sure, and I just am swooning over them!  They so definitely make me Happy! and these days,  don’t we all need some Happy in our lives?

So I will be getting some more posts in this month to hopefully make up for last months woeful state of bloglessness before Market and then some more after Market with some prizes from vendors to be had too!

Also check out my post on Generation Q tomorrow where I talk about Naming Stuff.  It was pretty fun to write, and I even got a compliment from our chief humorist over there, Megan, so I am pretty sure it’s actually a decent read!

(if I get 12 posts in May, that will double March 2012 and beat March and April 2011 combined….yeah that will work….oy vey, how am I gonna do that? )    Oh, was I thinking outloud? please forgive me…that happens sometimes.  Talk to you soon!!


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  • Scott, I wondered what happened to you! I thought I had stopped following you, but alas you blogged today and I am so much better. I did see that you were on twitter so it’s not too bad. It is nice that the prints are now available. I like all of them but it’s nice to choose. I will go out and get some or go to my favorite on-line store. They will make a nice boys quilt. Thanks for posting. Look forward to your next post.

    May 3, 2012 at 10:43 pm

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