a bit more Curious….and a bit more Nature…..

a bit more Curious….and a bit more Nature…..

I have just a little bit more stuff of a curious Nature to show you.   🙂

Nothing much to do with David’s line, other than it made a really groovy backdrop to these squash creatures Mimi made last fall.  Okay well, they all have to share a body, but I just really, really loved  the creativity of her little project….

and I just thought the name of the line went well with this art…

they have been out on the front porch all winter though….so now, well…. they are more disgusting than curious…although decomposition can be rather curious too…did you really want a picture??

What’s got your curiosity these days???



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  • I was curious to see what looked like Halloween when Valentine’s Day just ended and all the stores are pushing Easter stuff! LOL! Cute creatures. Creativity is wonderful!!

    February 18, 2012 at 11:10 am

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