Curious about what I’ve been up to….it sure hasn’t been posting here, has it??

It’s a good, bad thing you  know…I have been sewing and writing and working (and well, yes, my fair share of stressing out over a bunch of  “life” stuff as well) most of which has been good….(not the stress stuff, but you knew that)…

But because I have been so busy on that good stuff, I haven’t been to great at  sharing it with you all…so here are a few sneak peeks at some of what I have been working on!

A Big Curious Nature project coming to a newsstand to you sometime this summer….

I started this before Christmas, but that time of year has so many pulls plus the extra concerns with my Mom’s and Linda’s Health, made it a particularly rough period.  So I spent most of January it seemed working on this, visiting Mom in the hospital and dealing with a Big Snowfall as well.


I thought it WAS so Curious how Nature outside was  working outside with the same palette as I was inside.

I kept thinking that I needed to get a bunch of Orange streamers or something outside to decorate with…..but I was busy sewing….


And very shortly after I finished the above mentioned project I started on another involving David Butler’s fabric along With his wife Amy’s.  This is a very special project that I can hardly wait to share more of, but for now, this will be it…

Until next time, Happy sewing trails to you!



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  • eileensideways


    color palette is intriguing scott, can’t wait to see what u have created.

    February 17, 2012 at 5:31 pm

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