129: SO BUSY….where does time go?

129: SO BUSY….where does time go?

and the hard part is…what was “accomplished” in that time…it seems like it has all been “busyness” with no time for creativity…ugghh…

I am trying to finish up so many projects…I have signed up for too many this year, and I have this urgent need to finish things off so I can start the new year with just my design work and “work, work” (as Melissa calls it…or something like that …..her recent comment was about that damn day job….but it pays the bills and has medical, right? well, most of the bills…anyhoo) .   Oh, yeah and time with my family ( Hi Honey!)

So the projects that I have to finish are:

  •  a quilt that I have in my position for the QuiltGuy Round Robin project…
  • the binding on a quilt that I am sending to Fons and Porter for submission….
  • a doll quilt that I signed up to swap in the doll quilt swap #5….(actually that is just barely started)
  • scanning and sending off another project I signed up for at 1001 Journal Projects (Journal  3230)

I just finished getting the package ready to send to Vickie that she won on my fall into fall giveaway. I have taken some great pictures here to share with you all, and I am working on at LEAST 3 other quilts to submit to magazines!  I promised one that I am working on to Mark at least 2 months ago!  (he is so patient with me…you are patient with me aren’t you Mark?)  Sheesh, that reminds me that I have a quilt that I designed with his califon line, and he already has krakow out! (scroll way down in this last link,ok?) Man, I wish I could send a clone to work, then I could stay here and pump out these designs in my head into reality…

Okay so reality!  I am going to post one picture now, and get to the shower and breakfast and see what I can get done today…maybe you will get some more photos tonight? 

This is a scan of a local newspapery coverage an event that I did not go to…but this is a really cool piece of art…when I take up Painting…I imagine this is what it will look like:

Oh, and I should admit too, that I have been scanning the web looking for some good Quilt Market blog-coverage…haven’t found a lot but here are some good ones

  • Melissa is starting too,
  • and I saw a funny one on Tula Pink…
  • the best one I have found so far is here

You know even now  that we have “highspeed” internet….all those links take a lot of time for me…so I hope you all like ’em…

Gotta go scan that journal and start sewing peeps!

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  • Thanks for the links to market. I’m going myself someday!!

    November 2, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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