124:YEAH!! For Vickie E and Blue Nickel Studios!!

124:YEAH!! For Vickie E and Blue Nickel Studios!!

Hurray for Vickie E at Mid-Ohio Knitter for she has won my giveaway in the Fall into Fall giveaway…Thanks to all those who entered and commented here!  I love the colors of the season, and some of you gave the most wonderful names to describe them.  I was going to chart them all, but there were so many reds, gold, oranges, that I decided I didn’t want to, but I did want to highlight my favorite color word-choices:

Terracotta, Eggpland, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Russet, Goldenrod, Fuschia, Chocolate, Wifey Green (Olive-grey it sounds like), Copper, Midnight Blue, Burnt Orange, Olive (without the grey I guess)…. My favorite choice for combination of color was Red and Black….very nice…  When I first read Nutmeg, I thougth wow…how cool, then Wifey Green came, and I actually forgot about it until now…and dude, that has got to be my favorite.

So anyhoo, Vickie E. please email me privately to get me your snail mail address for your Fall into Fall prize!

And now onto the Yeah for Blue Nickel Studios!   Two big things!  Jeff at Free Spirit Fabrics sent me an email today asking if I could whip up a quilt for their booth at Market featuring Anna Maria Horner’s new line called Good Folks…..only problem is he needs it FedEx’d to him in Houston in one week…AND the Anna’s fabric won’t get here to my house until Monday late afternoon!!  I am thrilled to be asked to do it, and I said yes, but I told Jeff, I wasn’t sure I could get it QUILTED in time…it would likely be just a top…but it might get into some of the advertising for Anna’s stuff, and it would get a lot of exposure that is for sure!!   I am just ecstatic about it!  I will post pictures once I get it done all the way…it will be at Market by then, so I figure I can post the pix at that time.  Don’t expect much outa me next week here, cause I will be in the studio! 

And the second big thing?  Our new baby is here….THE CAMERA….here are a few things that she can do better than our old camera and we are excited! 

Some of Linda’s dolls…. an old one      

and a new one   

 Just a studio shot for fun  

From my cutting table mess — a stack of fabrics with good details I think!   

 Look at the clarity…how sharp the pins and needles show up…could not get that with the old camera…   

Oh, and I found a new setting on my admin page so I will post larger pictures now… Gotta go sew now…lots to do even though I myself can’t go to Quilt Market….what a rush for those getting ready to go now…I can “feel the disturbance in the Force Luke”    🙂

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