123: What a goofball, but you already knew that…

123: What a goofball, but you already knew that…

Or if you didn’t…you will soon be running away…
Okay so here is the news so far..I have a winner to draw in my giveaway from the fall into fall give away. I had 124 comments on that particular posts, and a whole fun list of favorite fall colors…not many people commented on their winter colors like I had hoped, but you know we don’t all read directions thouroughly, that why we have tech support!   🙂  Or maybe I didn’t write them clearly ….that certainly could be!!

I don’t have the Name of the winner yet, because I am waiting for the first kid to get up and pick a number between 1 and 124…after they look at me funny, then tell me, I will have a winner!  So come back and find out okay??

My car is finally finished at the shop…that motorcyle that hit me did about $1,300 worth of damage to my car, and I have been driving Ole’ Crusty (Noel had christened our old van that we are giving him with such a worthy name….cracks me up!!  He want’s to spray paint that on the side.  The artist in me is seriously considering letting him do it too..WHAT will my parents think?!

Okay now for the Goofball portion of this entry…I know about 2 hours after I post this, I will have second thoughts, but here it goes.  Totally UN-quilt/design/art related….well you could call it performance art I suppose if you wanted to make it such…

Introducing a Blue Nickel Buzz (Pre-Mid-Post):

       How come it always looks so dark on the floor and so grey on my head?   I just don’t get that?  Did you run away?

Now here are some journal pages that I did in one of the 1001 journals project….they are quite random, but kind of fun to do:

       So there you have some ahem “real” art….

Good news…the New camera just got here last night, so expect some greatly improved pix coming here to the Blue Nickel!! Also my first swatches from Spoonflower came here, and are pretty cool and to me very inspiring to do more of this, and someday the REAL thing with the Super Cool Kids!  Pictures of my swatches will come later today I hope (taken with the new camera!)

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to subscribe so you get all the news from the Blue Nickel (I am assuming if you made it this far in this post, that you find at least something besides my haircut interesting)

Blog Love all around…now it is my day off, and I gotta get some sewing done!

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  • I gotta tell ya’, I like the Pomeranian look. That would be #2…had you noticed?. You could have used a bow though….even male P use bows (and I’m sure that under all the hair they are frowning too… LOL!) Now you look like “An
    Artiste”, or an aging gangster…HMMM. Hard call. LOL!

    October 17, 2008 at 5:39 pm

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