7 things plus 2 others

7 things plus 2 others

Okay, first the 2 things…

Here is a teapot that Linda picked up at a garage sale…..green pot.JPG  Pretty cool dragon spout.  Linda liked it cause it looks like McCoy, although I think it is much newer than that.   Regardless if it is the “real” McCoy, it is pretty cool.   Number 2 of the “2 others” is this photo of 2 doll quilts that are finished and ready to donate to my guild Busy Bees for their doll quilt giving this coming Christmas. doll quilts on rail.JPG 


Now on to the 7 things.

These are 7 things about me that not everyone knows, or do I necessarily care if people know or not….Feed Dog tagged me awhile ago to do this list so here it is:

1.Even though my studio is named Blue Nickel Studios, blue is NOT my favorite color.   That is reserved for Red or Green, and not Brown as my dear wife teases me.

2. I don’t like diamonds. They lack color for me.

3. I used to eat Mustard on Graham crackers for a snack as a kid….really, and I did, and I didn’t think anything of it…..(were we poorer than I thought?)

4. I don’t like ketchup on my hashbrowns.

5. I liked and still like the Donny and Marie show (I saw a clip of them on YouTube, and still laughed at it)  It was campy, but fun and wholesome.

6. My favorite Muppet is Sam the Eagle.  He is like me, trying to be reserved in a world that is going nuts around him….(of course I can be like Gonzo too…totally out of touch with reality….Linda can vouch for that)

and number 7……I really like Musicals, and I thoroughly enjoyed High School Musical 1 and 2…..here are my daughter and I (she also loves HSM) posing the gang from HSM3….  


There now you know more of me than you want….and none of it about quilting for those of you who were getting bored with that subject line….

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